Scottish – Disabled Bloggers – Give us peace! – We this sad Scotland?

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2000px-Handicapped_Accessible_signWhen I say ‘Leave me be’ I am talking to the small percentage of people who call me on my spelling and grammar! They must only read my blog because EVERY blogger I read has spelling mistakes or grammar issues, SO WHAT!! 😀 I want to debate life and this is why I write. I have M.E and I ask the people who have a go at me to try this able bodied. I just got pulled up by some sad person and I just hit block. I don’t mind if someone is sad enough to direct Message me on this issue. Let me just say this quickly. I do this for free. I don’t get anything spell checked unless I had to get someone to write it for me. I read all sorts on-line and off-line and see mistakes in others writing, but if I get the point they are making then I am mature enough to just leave it be. If you are SO ANNOYED by 2 spelling mistakes, as was in the last blog I got the Spelling police for, please just block me or un-follow me, please! Because it is getting boring. Happens a few times a week and it’s starting to annoy me in the sense I am thinking “Is this all these people do, look for problems?” What would you think? 😀 I bet I made a spelling mistake here 😀 HA-HA I Honest to God believe some think Disabled people should just lay in bed and sleep till they die, we have every right on Earth to do what you DON’T DO!! Also at the very top of my Blog I mention I am Disabled. Please NO SYMPATHY, please if you see a spelling mistake don’t drop to that level because I don’t when I see a mistake. I know real HIGH PROFILE bloggers from this very group and often there are mistakes.. SO WHAT? 😀 Behave yourselves 😀

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More love, less hate! 


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