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An Image many questioned why I would post

An Image many questioned why I would post

Listen big deal, a few people out of thousands asked “Why are you sharing this in Scottish Groups” Well now the ‘National have picked the story up so we must now ask why they did. I can only guess the ‘National like many are now asking for this to be a human issue with a compassionate ending. ‘Allegedly’ US/Israel/UK are funded Islamic State making families flee to stop themselves being killed.

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…USA/Israel/UK? Google! Search! Know, debate! Never say never, please

I watched a video I was sent, it was a row of families, old people to babies waiting in line at a river bank to have their throats slit then thrown into a river, I cried as I hit close, it became real in my mind. The point I am making is we all talk and are disgusted by what people do in our World and how Religion or people in Religion stop people acting. How many know Israel have a direct impact on people fleeing the area while 150+ Million people 15,000 miles away in the USA sit behind their God knowing this is the case. There is a video below where John Kerry, through Obama ORDERS asked the American people to “Side with Islam” This was shared by myself many times and not 1 American stood forward. LET ME BE CLEAR NOT ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BAD AND I TALK MAINLY ABOUT GOVERNMENT CONTROL HERE! Scotland we know first hand about Government control from London, we understand how easy they could do it to us if we were stupid enough.

USA & Israeli military advisors arrested aiding IS terrorists in Iraq <Click)

John Kerry Scripture Says U S Should Protect Muslims
Via Myself on You Tube

Dozens of Christians abducted by ISIL in Syria – World looks on <Click)

You know more people in America per populous percentages back Israel more than Israeli people back the Israeli Government, and I have proof. Below it CLEARLY says and if you Google you will find “The real left does not sit with Bibi” is true, so again I call on the 150 Million white Christian American’s who slow down all the process’s from afar in their homes safe from something the rest of the World is not. America it is VERY EASY to sit in a peaceful part of the World and say out loud “Ach they deserve to die” Because this is EXACTLY what a serious percentage of the USA do. To know a free Scotland is to know our World, so I will share from time to time reasons we must be careful as a Free Scotland in the future and whom we deal with. Alex Salmond wanted to recognize Palestine but was told he couldn’t, will Nicola do as over 2/3 of our World want to see? I think Palestine will be recognized this year if not early next year, with no war and people with old books are going to be asking their God ‘Why. I will leave it here. Tweets from others and more below. Lets try and fix this! But first we must know as a species what stands in the way of peace. Because I write to the World and not just Scotland I am seeing more, that is all it is, nothing more. How do we stop Religion and old books from stopping the peace process? Anyone?……………….If ANYONE comes back at me from within Scotland and says Religion isn’t the issue, EDUCATE AND BECOME KNOWLEDGE!! I spend hours a week gaining all this info from people who wish to remain annonymous for good reasons. Wake up to reality or we forever dwell in the blood of our Children

May she R.I.P. – Joan Rivers: ‘Palestinians deserve to be dead’ <Click)

FULL Joan Rivers Palestinians deserve to die, they started this war and we will finish it!
Via ShaunyNews on You Tube


She sadly passed away soon after. Was this a sign from GOD?

US TV Star Joan Rivers Dies In New York Aged 81 <Click)

Evil Woman - But I don't mock her being dead

Evil Woman – But I don’t mock her being dead


Thousands of Israelis rally against Netanyahu for his Genocide in Palestine <Click)

Protesters hold banners in Hebrew that read,

Protesters hold banners in Hebrew that read, “The real left does not sit with Bibi,” rally against the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Tel Aviv, Saturday, March 7, 2015, try getting Americans to believe this is like asking your Dog to put the kettle on, really, I am sorry


This girl is a symbol of a migration policy that has dehumanized our species <Click)

Running out of words

Running out of words

~~Via: ~~


These are human beings in a situation of great adversity’: Sturgeon calls for Scotland to ‘play its full part’ in refugee crisis



NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday backed calls for the UK to open its doors to desperate people fleeing war and conflict as heartbreaking pictures emerged of a young refugee child who drowned in the Mediterranean. One of the photographs shows the boy, aged about three or four, lying face down in the sand on a Turkish beach as an official stands over him. Another image shows a rescue worker carrying his lifeless body.

The little boy is believed to be Syrian and is thought to have died in an attempt to flee the war ravaging his country. He is one of 11 Syrian refugees feared dead yesterday after they drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean on two boats bound for the Greek island of Kos.

Earlier yesterday, before the distressing images emerged, the First Minister was asked about the crisis and whether she would like to see Scotland take part in a scheme which would allow 10,000 refugees to enter Britain within a month. She said: “Yes, I would and I’ve said to David Cameron… I’ve written to David Cameron and made clear that if there is an agreement on the part of the UK Government to fully participate in an EU-wide relocation scheme, and I think there should be, then Scotland would play its full part.”

Her comments followed a call by Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper that the UK could take 10,000 migrants within a month to help deal with the humanitarian crisis. “I welcome Yvette Cooper’s comments,” the First Minister added. “It’s welcome to hear a UK politician like Yvette Cooper say what she has said. We have consistently urged the UK Government to take a more humanitarian approach to this… I wish we would stop calling them migrants. “They are human beings and we are seeing human beings in a situation of great adversity and I think many people would want to see the UK play a part in a humanitarian response.”

~~End Story~~

UB40 – Sing Our Own Song
Lyrics fit for this story


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4 comments on “Refugee/Immigration Blog – What Force Stops World Peace?

  1. It’s as if your own early experience has prepared you to report this news from a different point of view to ensure people take notice… It’s the people not government who will change the way humanity realize their compassion and begin to make waves… Barbara

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW…I was on your page like 5 minutes ago 😀 What are the chances.
      I grew up as a kid afraid an IRA bomb was going to kill me. Me and all my friends understand growing up in a War and almost oppression. And you are right. Your time in Holland has made you see things as they are, I like that.
      The World is waking up, I see it. A decade ago I was mocked for much of what you and others now say. I don’t feel vindicated, not at all. Just happy the World is waking up.
      Hard times are coming, waking up means we must act now. America will be the 1st Culture to see how that goes, if you guys win, we change the World. You lose and we are all lost maybe?

      And thank you for that comment. Maybe you are right..I never gave it much thought to be honest. My different point of view I would name as maybe just ‘More proof’ than Main Stream. We know main stream lie here in Scotland now due to the Referendum scandal no vote, but we fixed in 8 Months later when we retired over 30 Politicians and painted Scotland SNP Yellow.

      I see and feel the awakening. I just hope we didn’t leave it too late.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Never to late we already tipped the balance in our favour, but they won’t give in so we have to let them fight their battles and us… To focus on self, love, releasing our shit and create the life we have always dreamed of… And it’s going to be here, parallel to physical reality… This is when magic can start happening, but we have to choose for love instead of fear….

        Liked by 1 person

      • WELL SAID!!
        Why I try my best in blogs when I say at the foot of the article
        “More love, less hate”
        Just planting a seed of “Please try” is all we can do..

        Respect x

        Liked by 1 person

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