Divide and Conquer Scotland Style

Div and Conq

The phrase divide and conquer is attributed to Philip II, king of Macedon (382-336 BC), describing his policy toward the Greek city-states. In politics, divide and rule (also known as divide and conquer) is referring to a strategy of gaining and maintaining power based on the fact that many smaller opponents are easier to manage than one larger one.
The strategy includes:
* breaking up power alliances into smaller chunks that are easier to subdue/manage
* preventing small power groups from linking up and becoming more powerful

Lets take both points 1 at a time 1. Breaking up power alliances into smaller chunks that are easier to subdue/manage. Can we say we have seen this? I don’t think this is as visible in the sense seeing it in the streets but it is in play on-line on Websites, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Tumblr and all the others dozens of social media platforms. At first I just thought they were stupid people then they got to smart for their own boots and gave themselves away by starting to debate well. Now like you I am no fool, I know when I am being played and most of us do I think. I see this at work every day, I have said I could name 10 people right now who would be known across a few websites and 25 or so Facebook groups, but should I do this I do one thing and that is allow them to call me a liar and get lots of back-up and before you know it I am the liar and people turn away and say “Shaun is talking rubbish” I know I have written about this, even done a ‘Vlog on it, a video blow, just me speaking about the issue for just under 10 minutes. *Vlog* Me Speaking – Scotland, Groups, Websites – Scottish Freedom Movement *VIDEO* You can click that link and here is the video from it for those who can’t be bothered clicking a link

Divide and Conquer


It has happened all through out history for over 2,000 years

images2. Preventing small power groups from linking up and becoming more powerful.  I started in just 2 or 3 groups in the start then I was invited into another 10 and I added more and I was added in some more, now I am in 25 or 26 groups. What I have noticed is groups disliking each other, in reality no group is higher than any other and near is any group lower than any other, all groups are the same, trying in principle to do the right things. I keep getting asked question about 1 person and I keep saying “Person seems ok to me” I won’t name names so don’t even ask ok 😀 At the end of the day it is not life threatening but what it is or has become is very dangerous. Think about it Scotland, all these groups want the same things, yet most dislike the others, in-fact it is happening worse than I thought. So Scotland we have met ‘Lying Media and Lying Politics, now meet Government ready ‘Divide and Conquer’ for Scotland. A tool many Governments use to this day, keeps a larger mass of people from becoming one. Quickly look at the ‘Anonymous movement, whenever they try to gather there is a huge police presence usually there to cause the trouble with the same invisible trouble makers we see in these groups who start a fight allowing the police to step in, most activists will tell you this happens.  So, what do we do about it Scotland? Below are a collection of already in the public domain tweets I added. I don’t know any of these people but the things being said are not my words, I just share news and views. Why am I on this story? Because I was asked to look at it, tell a few others I can see it also and then I was the one who said “I will write the story” Because in the end people will believe what they will anyway


We let this man down badly, but a statue of him is assured one day

This is how much they wanted to scare and divide us

This is how much they wanted to scare and divide us

We were shown image after image of something we don't like, makes us angry, leaves us open

We were shown image after image of something we don’t like, makes us angry, leaves us open

Often I wish I had never opened the door to the truth, it's a real horrible World out there

Often I wish I had never opened the door to the truth, it’s a real horrible World out there


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5 comments on “Divide and Conquer Scotland Style

    • Woo Hoo 😀
      To be totally honest, I love my city is always busy but we moved to the outskirts to avoid the traffic chaos. We host the World’s biggest Arts festival in the ‘Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ We used to take in some gigs, comedy shows, real shows and all in-between…
      I am lucky to be here and I know it..

      Cheers buddy


  1. This has been a strategy that has seen the biggest nations fall and the smaller nations like the USA in a sense fall for it.
    Divide and conquer is being used against Scotland, but we are aware, so we fight back. Just an example here ok…BBC News to Scotland is like Fox News to many Americans who see it’s dangerous rhetoric.



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