Swedish CEO cancels employee holiday – donates money to refugees – Scotland acts!!!

Swedish Company, BRILLIANT!

Swedish Company, BRILLIANT!

I tell people from foreign shores how the countries in Northern Europe are amongst the cleverest, well off financially, fairer, more democratic and just all round amazing people. Denmark for me is the best place on Earth to live in terms of life quality, you live there you don’t worry about Healthcare or War, it’s a peaceful amazing country. Finland, Holland, Norway and Belgium are amazing places that people from 2nd World countries like the USA and Russia could only dream of staying. In a broader sense Scotland is part of this ethos shown by Sweden yesterday when Jonas Elgquist, owner of Swedish company ajkat donated the entire staff’s company holiday money to help the refugee’s pouring out of Syria and Iraq from the Islamic State. London said it won’t help financially, Scotland offered to help ‘As much as they can’ This is a story from Yesterday and proves Scotland now have more freedom than ever before. There is a difference between ‘Refugee and ‘Immigrant. This is something many parts of the World get confused over and have lies imprinted into their minds over decades to tell them “Helping people in War zones dying is bad” And it works. For now I share the story about Sweden and also Scotland accepting 1,000+ Refugees, also tweets from people all over the World over this issue at the bottom of the page. Also there is a LOT of hatred toward the USA Government for helping cause this with Israel many are saying, if you see a tweet like this, don’t give me a hard time, these are tweets from people like you at the bottom, THE WORLD OUTSIDE THE USA!! Please help!! Share, Blog yourself, do something!! The World wants to help but Israel and Christian America stops action. We MUST understand what process’s are at play in today’s World. I am not wrong, please go and research, this is the reason for lack of help for the people running away from US/Israel funded ISIS <Click) At the bottom of each blog are 3 blogs similar to the one I share, so research away, it does add up, what I say

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland to take in 1000 refugees



SCOTLAND will take at least 1,000 refugees caught up in the escalating humanitarian crisis as soon as the UK government accepts its “fair share” of asylum seekers, Nicola Sturgeon said yesterday.

The First Minister told MSPs that Scotland stood ready to offer a home to those fleeing war and persecution and she urged David Cameron to increase the number of refugees allowed into the UK to 10,000.

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~~Story Via: ajkat.aftonbladet.se/ ~~

CEO Jonas Elgquists company had planned an autumn trip to Rome for its 50 employees costing almost £500,000. But when he was on Thursday saw the pictures on the 3-year-old Aylan who lay dead on the beach, everything changed.

Here is the email that Elgquist sent to its employees for the picture:

The pictures on the 3-year-old Aylan on a beach in Turkey has touched the whole world:

Skärmavbild 2015-09-04 kl. 09:42:00

So when Jonas Elgquist, CEO of the company B3IT Connexions, saw the pictures, he chose to send this email to its employees:

Skärmavbild 2015-09-04 kl. 09:45:55

Here is the continuation of the email:

“We have budgeted to add SEK 400 000 on a trip to Italy. To beaches where children wash ashore and where people are killed in horrific conditions. People fleeing from something even worse.

We have discussed in the management of Connexions to make a charitable reprioritisation. SEK 400 000 can for example provide tents and food for 5,714 people for one month. This money makes a big difference to many people and will help us to B3IT Connexions saves lives.

Let us now instead find a very simple activity and together they make a great contribution to those who need it. The proposal is to Connexions donate SEK £500,000 to a larger service organization with a focus on what is happening around the Mediterranean and in Syria. The weekend we were riding, we will arrange instead a clothing collection and ends with an activity for your whole family. In this way, we all feel that we have made an effort really makes a difference.

I understand that many of you have been looking forward to the trip very much, so I too have. We are of the opinion that these people have not chosen their fate – they were born in the wrong country without the ability to change their situation. Chance determines -it had obviously been able to be us and our children.

You may of course feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss or comment on this.I hope for your understanding.

Warmest regards, Jonas ”

Skärmavbild 2015-09-04 kl. 09:39:10


~~End Story~~

Tweets from all over the World. Go to Twitter and search this #refugeeswelcome


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