TOTAL EMERGENCY ALERT Update: Global Meltdown Begins


I have never been Alex Jones biggest fan, I was always of thinking he was a Government Shill, paid by Government to alarm and make us fear globally. Lately I have seen my own country Scotland waking up and mentioned it a year or so ago. Scotland – Is Our World Waking Up To Corporate Greed? <Click) So what do we make of this Scotland and people reading all over the World? I believe our World is about to change, I won’t go as far as say “End of the World” but I can’t be sure. Ark’s are being build globally by the rich elite, please research this on your own. I asked the question last week. 4 Blood Moons to occur on Jewish Feast Days between April 15th-September 28th <Click) This was taken ok I guess. I have said now for almost a decade this was coming, I told 10 years ago the ‘Elite’ run this World, now THANKFULLY Scottish bloggers and posters are saying what I have for many years. Scotland WILL be free before this happens. I don’t think this is the end of our species but I think the signs I have spoken about before are now happening. The World is dropping the US Dollar, people are running into Europe from the US/UK/Israel run Islamic State, some call them immigrants, in reality these poor people are refugees. Watch this video please!! I will post more when I have it, or should I say, when I know I am safe to post. If you have a God, pray. If you have safe-haven, just put into place something you can escape from. Something is happening and I have 4 different versions. For now I leave you Alex Jones actually speaking BRILLIANTLY. Please RESEARCH everything I say and Alex says. Also tweets from people like you and I. We are waking up, Military and Cops stand with us, DO KNOW THIS! Also, heads up here, the Islamic State are acting as refugees and coming to Europe via this way, they will be in the Americas also. Islamic State <Click) is playing a game here and nobody seems to be noticing, well not many people. Can you see it?

TOTAL EMERGENCY ALERT Update: Global Meltdown Begins
Via: The Alex Jones Channel on You Tube

Need proof?

Need proof?

...I could do this all day.

…I could do this all day.

All day every day... WAKE UP!

All day every day… WAKE UP!











Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

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2 comments on “TOTAL EMERGENCY ALERT Update: Global Meltdown Begins

  1. A. J. is roughly half right. I think it’s true that some countries want their gold sent back to them, etc. However, it was Jones who blew up Jade Helm. Jade Helm began in July (?) and is supposed to end in September, and I have seen NOTHING…no police, soldiers, NOTHING….by all accounts, it is a normal military exercise…

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  2. What you say I am glad you seen the meaning of what I said in my blog. You could be right, this could be ISIS causing an event to get into Europe. Scottish people are aware but I think knowing who to let in is Key. Don’t let in people who have been flagged as ‘Potential trouble’ But a Woman and kid? No debate, let them in!! It’s this kind of thinking our World needs. I see the USA Media are calling them Immigrants…They are Refugee’s for the love of God!! The US Media really don’t help the public watching understand very well. This is not American people, this is the Government and media…
    I always should say “Government”…American people are not Fascist for example, your Government are very close to being as such.. x


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