MP Alistair Carmichael faces election legal challenge

Hung on for every penny

Hung on for every penny

I said at the time of the story coming out Alistair would stay and take every penny (Bottom of the page 3 blogs always) he was due till this process throws him out of office and the 56 become 57 in the slow process to Scottish Freedom that will show itself in the 2016 Elections as a Country demanding freedom because we seen the lies and we made amends and retired many politicians who lied to us to save their jobs, irony is this modern day nobleman to London is no more than a liar and a thief, he stayed in office when he should have walked, WE pay him still till it is deemed he must go, then he will keep getting paid till the date of the by-election. This man does not speak for the New Scotland that has emerged energized and knowledge ready and not taking the lies and deceit no more! Scotland will rid our shores of one more liar. You deserve what’s coming Mr Alistair Carmichael

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Alistair Carmichael admitted allowing his special adviser to release the memo about Nicola Sturgeon. Credit: PA

A legal challenge to the election of Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael will begin today over a leaked memo which wrongly suggested Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wanted David Cameron to win May’s General Election.

The former Scottish Secretary came in for intense criticism after admitting responsibility for the leak during an inquiry into the release of the memo, despite originally claiming he knew nothing about it.

Today’s hearing is the result of a petition lodged by a number of Carmichael’s Orkney and Shetland constituents, who are bidding to oust him.

The challenge – funded via a crowdfunding appeal – was brought under Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, which makes it a criminal offence to release a “false statement” about the character and conduct of an election candidate.

The Election Court will sit for two days in Edinburgh. Full coverage will be aired live on the STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh channels and online, in a television first for a court hearing in Scotland.

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