Crane Collapse Kills 87 At Grand Mosque In Mecca


Caught this developing story via from my Editor. Early reports have 87 dead but quick research and they expect to maybe find, sadly more dead. Will post more on this story as it develops more. Sad for those lose, Rest in peace, to their families I hope they have comfort. Can’t be an easy time for the people in the region today. Many are saying, sadly, this was done by ‘Christian God’ against Islam God. Sad and pathetic people!!

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At least 87 people have died after a crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi civil defence is saying. Another 184 people have been injured when the crane fell in what Al Arabiya television said were strong storms.

The Grand Mosque is the largest in the world and surrounds Islam’s holiest place, the Kaaba. Pictures circulating on social media showed pilgrims in bloodied robes and masses of debris. The incident is thought to have taken place in an outer area of the mosque.

Authorities have not yet provided details of the victims’ nationalities. Millions are expected to descend on Mecca later this month for the annual hajj pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world and has been prone to disasters,

Hundreds of pilgrims died in  a stampede in 2006. Saudi authorities have lavished vast sums to expand the main haj sites and improve Mecca’s transportation system in an effort to prevent more disasters.




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