Tommy Sheridan asks us to vote SNP before Edinburgh march [Dates Inside & Video]

UntitledTommy Sheridan Hope Over Fear Tour Dates <Click) All the dates, all areas where we will march

Great news for East Coast Scot’s today this. The ‘Hope over fear tour’ that was sadly denied in Glasgow last month when a Pro-Union group asked the Glasgow Council if they could march also, basically Unionist groups submitted permission to stop Tommy, I would believe these angry people, as many are, did this knowingly, sadly on police advice Tommy was denied a peaceful walk in Glasgow because a group of people who in all fairness would possibly cause trouble and ruin our peace, this is what we ARE and WILL free ourselves from sooner than I think many Scots realize. I do not suggest for 1 second all Union supporters are bad people, I know Unionist voters who would still vote no, but they are amazing people so this tells us that not all no voters are the hatred we have seen too often in Scotland over matters of independence. But before you bash me in the teeth with your keyboard understand the Glasgow Council didn’t allow with reason being “Possibility of trouble or violent clashes” Now I am just saying this, I have never heard 1 pro-independence march/protest/whatever having any trouble caused by the people involved in or who arranged these marches. However do we need reminded what a very small % of people do want to be and show anger on our streets against something many of them do draped in a Union flag hating us as much as Westminster do but with total lack of reason and understanding of the political and human side of our movement here, Scottish people I am talking about, why? I once told my thoughts on them. These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts <Click) I don’t hate anyone I just struggle to understand the people I speak about and share videos about in the blog link above

The lad is about to help Scotland become free, he backs  freedom, lets back him with support!

The lad is about to help Scotland become free, he backs freedom, lets back him with support!

The date I did this was September 29th 2014 and I guess I was still angry at what all yes voters at the time thoughts had happened, that we may had been cheated, images and video’s covered the internet of alleged irregularities as well as the guy with the bags of votes, I wrote that blog maybe not angry but not taking the no vote very well, as at the time with everyone I knew, nobody knew many no voters, we were in shock. So here we go again, Tommy is gearing up for more of the same as we approach the vital Scottish Elections in 2016 with the potential to almost loosen the shackles from Westminster. We have a real chance to wipe the floor in more regional places like we did winning 56 from 59 seats this last May 7th, the swings were huge and only a minor miracle at this stage of play will keep Labour in any kind of real power in Scotland, we can really paint the Country Yellow and keep it this way with a surefire Referendum accompanying a good political SNP win next year. Please never let us forget nor lose reason of focus when we ask “Why did the Glasgow Council call off the March with Tommy and Yes support” of why it was not given permission. Know it’s reasons!

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Plans for a pro-independence rally through Edinburgh to mark the first anniversary of the referendum are expected to be given the go-ahead by the city council later this week. Tomorrow councillors are expected to approve the Yes 2 Scotland event, which will see a march along King’s Stables Road, the Grassmarket and to the Scottish Parliament.

If granted permission by Edinburgh City Council’s licensing sub-committee, the event will take place a week tomorrow, 18 September, exactly one year after Scotland voted by 55 per cent to 45 per cent to stay within the United Kingdom.

The Edinburgh rally looks likely to be given the green light, despite a pro-independence event organised by supporters of former MSP Tommy Sheridan in Glasgow being banned amid police fears of clashes and disorder. Glasgow City Council has taken the decision to deny Hope Over Fear permission for a rally in the city’s George Square after a pro-Union group made a rival bid. The authority said it had received advice from Police Scotland that two events clashing could spark public order issues.

Last month the council said it had declined both applications. The absence of a rival event in Edinburgh means that the march through the capital is likely to get the green light. A report to the licensing sub-committee states: “The council has limited powers available regarding the control of such events. These powers should only be exercised to prevent public disorder, risk to public safety, damage to property, or excessive disruption to the life of the community.”

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Tommy Sheridan on the voting system For 2016 SE – Tommy asking we ALL vote SNP 
Via Ian Russell on You Tube


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