Why does Scotland read Main Stream Media? Scottish Alternative is our truth!


Slept for a while then woke up early today, watched some TV a Movie, sat at PC with cup of tea in hand them proceeded to read some shared information and stories in 32 Scottish freedom yes movement Facebook groups. Now I know I have said before many times that I strongly believe with others that there are Government paid people all over Social Media saying 1 word or 100, basically anything to create hate debate between people who are after the same end result, people like you and I who see Scotland can go alone and have proven this fact and without hate, I don’t see hatred from the Yes Movement but I do from the no movement. Do we need reminded?

God Save the Queen Glasgow Loyalist Style

Unionist intimidating Austin Sheridan Glasgow

I actually sadly know a few of these ‘Like minded people’ and they are idiots, on their own most guys who can look after themselves would have then in tears in under 30 seconds but as a pack animal the Loyalists in Scotland brings shame like the video’s above, yet people who voted no for valid honest reasons still want to like? or perhaps put up with this Loyalist hatred? Remember I wrote about my personal feelings on these ‘Loyalists, they are Football Casuals in the main, pretending to understand politics, they don’t do politics they do fighting and beating up Yes voters because ‘Their pals are doing it’ These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts <Click) I stand by that statement on 99% of these fools.

You fine with this being your kids or grandkids future Scotland?

You fine with this being your kids or grandkids future Scotland?


We can all play this game when the police are around can’t we? Most PRAY the police turn up, fact!

Why is it in all these groups we are sharing always stories from Main Stream Media? Lies and stories to fool us. I do believe it is important to know your oppressor but is it possible we give them too much column inches? I am an ‘Alternative news source’ Same as Wings over Scotland and many more, also the same as Tommy Sheridan, I stand for and with the yes movement but with no hate. If the yes movement turned to hate and we had a Scotland full of these haters then I say we stop the independence movement today and just let the main stream TV/Paper media fool the Scottish people who don’t research as much as they should. Like other bloggers many will like this article but only 10,000 will read it even though it’s sharing to many more. I say always I am above nor below any man, I have opinions but they are very well researched opinions. Should I be put on the spot with a hard question by a no or yes voter I am in a position to at least be able to debate the actual laws and workings of any given debate, this is what researching is, sadly Scottish people still want to pay certain print media on days like today when everyone buys the Sunday papers. The only way we can get our media to tell the truth is to stop buying from them. In-case you think the media does tell the truth, here are some reminders for you if you are still uneducated on the matter. Divide and conquer has been used through our our species history going back 2,000 years and more, this is EXACTLY what is happening with our Media here in Scotland. Go research and prove me wrong…? I did a blog a few weeks ago, within 2 minutes of me hitting publish a Facebook group member said “Your spelling and grammar is awful” Strange thing was, it was mostly video’s and images, but still nobody could have read it in less than 2 minutes, look out for this! Please!

I can spot them after a few posts

I can spot them after a few posts


So what else did the media say about Nicola to make people dislike her?


Not just 1 paper, this was just the tip of the iceberg


We shared this image only for ‘Shills’ to accuse us of using kids for votes or issues


Please don’t fall for what the main stream media tell you, this has to be the worst, laughable!


Then it got really silly!

So we know the media lie, we know the media and Labour called up all over 65’s who were Labour members before September 14th to tell them “If you vote yes, you lose your pension” I have shared the graph of voting age groups over and over you should have seen it by now. I am not saying “Please read my blog” here but what I am asking is, try and stick to alternative news Scotland. I remember before the vote I asked a question and I was correct all along.

September 10th 2014: Scotland:  We can’t be scared nor selfish, don’t be the Worlds joke! <Click)

September 19th 2014: Scotland Vote No In Referendum – Selfish, Scared People, Well Done! <Click)

I had a gut feeling before the referendum there was a silent majority, I said “Don’t be selfish yet when we look at what Labour called and told pensioners then we again look at this graph, we see myself and others had every right to be nervous about ‘Selfish voters’ I said selfish at the time but in truth, like many I wasn’t voting for ME, I was voting for my kids, your kids, all our kids and for Scotland in 100 years from now. Selfish people living in their here and now refused to believe Scotland would become one of the wealthiest nations on Earth overnight had we voted yes. I blogged the truth and so did hundreds of others. Our biggest import is tourism and whisky as both combined make us more than our oil does, so again ‘Don’t believe me, go research’ We can’t do it all for you. IndyRef2 is close and we will be free soon but I am still worried about the people like the land owners, the modern day nobleman appeasing the same crown their bloodline did in the 1100’s, yes nearly 1,000 years ago!

Based on financial facts, go look

Based on financial facts, go look


No voters lost out, no voters were lied to most. yet yes voters are fighting for this ‘Vow


And this is why they went from 40+ Westminster Scottish seats ..to 1!!




They lied and we retired about 30 of them for life


Look forward. I am 40, what would I say to my Grandson when asks me when I am 80 years old?


Even Europe was willing to take a Free Scotland. All the Information of being free and how we could was there!!



This is how simple the choice was. Did you vote selfishly?


Alex I respect, we let him down, well 1 age group did


Did we feel sorry for ourselves? No, we became the 2nd biggest membership party in the UK. 2nd biggest!


In the year 2020, the circle of life will free Scotland, Westminster know it, we are held for moments today


Do you get involved or are we all talk?

Div and Conq

Sun Newspaper England Vs Sun Newspaper Scotland – Same Day!

Scotland – Short videos – Yes has to happen, no will kill Scotland <Click)

♪ Scotland The BRAVE ♫ We must be Brave <Click)

Why we MUST listen to our past and look to our future Scotland – As the polls are very close <Click)

Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!Looking back, what a no vote offered wasn’t given. But look what we missed out on, remember this?

As always I aim to offend nobody, just through facts out there #Alba

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