US whistleblower Snowden attacks SNP over University laws – As we slip in ratings

A man who told the truth, American people love him, what did he do wrong?

A man who told the truth, American people love him, what did he do wrong?

Understanding if this is just more Main Stream Media spin is top of my list. There are two stories here but both are telling the same story and both come from the Herald Scotland Newspaper. It was my belief Scottish education was the best in Europe if not Earth. People travel all over the World to be educated in Scotland, even the Royals come here for education. So we have two stories, one from Glasgow University Rector Edward Snowden and also a poll put out yesterday by QS, an international careers and education network. So is our Education slipping under the SNP? Again I always share Main Stream when I know the source is ok, here they paint a very bad picture, or is it false information we are so used to now? Thoughts?

US whistleblower Edward Snowden attacks SNP

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US whistleblower Edward Snowden has condemned controversial proposals to change the way Scottish universities are run.

The computer analyst, who is currently rector of Glasgow University, described plans by the Scottish Government as “a real threat” to the autonomy of the sector. Speaking at the university via a video link from Moscow to incoming students Snowden said: “More than anything else….. it will dilute the student and university voice in determining your own government, how you want to be ruled, how you want to be represented on the most senior bodies.

“This means ancient universities could lose their position of rector entirely. Beyond that it means things like the buildings that you work in, the funding you can generate through grants and charitable status could be lost entirely. “While this may seem a little political for people who have just arrived in the university, what you need to think about is this is a decision – if you don’t participate in it – you will lose influence you once had, you will lose rights you once had, you will lose representation you once had that you will never be able to receive again.”

Ron Paul was of course correct

Ron Paul was of course correct

Scottish universities amongst the best in the world

TWO of Scotland’s leading universities have slipped down the league table of the world’s finest institutions. The top Scottish university was Edinburgh, which came 21st overall and sixth in the UK after falling four places from last year. The second ranked institution was Glasgow University, which came 62nd after a drop of seven places.

However, St Andrews bucked the trend by going up 20 places to 68, one of biggest climbers on the list. The survey, run by QS, an international careers and education network, comes at a time when Scottish universities fear their international status is under threat because of proposed changes to the way they are run.

A spokesman for Universities Scotland welcomed the “further proof” of the international reputation of Scotland’s higher education sector. He said: “Competition is increasing in the global higher education marketplace, so it is important that Scotland’s higher education institutions continue to receive the full support of the Scottish Government to compete effectively. “Scotland’s universities compete successfully on a global stage because we are autonomous and because we are entrepreneurial.

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