Hidden Reason for Poverty

This is a story and a video from Ted Talks by Gary Haugen a humanitarian. We are a species of death and war. We enslave people, we kill, then we turn our backs. I DARE YOU TO WATCH THE HARDSHIP

Video via Ted Talks


Places where International Justice Mission (IJM)  Serves 

Next week, Pope Francis will come to America.  He is scheduled to talk about the extreme refugee problem and suggest what the  the United States’ part should be in providing for these desperate people fleeing from the horrors of the Middle East.

This is another organization who is working to eradicate extreme poverty working for the same result but with a slightly different approach.  The video below was filmed at the TED meeting in Canada last spring.  TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading international  ideas , usually in short powerful talks.

Gary Haugen is an civil rights attorney and the founder of International Justice Mission.

Have you heard of IJM before?  What do you think of their approach in working to  end extreme poverty?

I am thrilled that in India, known for horrible in justice of  slavery abuses, there are thousands of…

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