Unarmed Palestinian Woman Shot Dead By Israelis – Or Fake? (Video)


Israeli military says 19-year-old student was trying to stab a soldier – relatives say  killed illegally

As we know the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down in April 2014, so we now know a visible war is coming, and all it needs is a story to cause anger and outrage, or a happy smile for the Palestine hater.  Already many are saying this is a staged event by the IDF and Israel. The “alleged truth of the story” from Israel were “She was going to stab a soldier” So lets be generous and say “Israel we believe you” We are still left asking “But did they have to kill the girl?” So we be less generous and say we believe Israel 50%, again we ask “But did they have to kill the unarmed girl” We can believe this story 100% or 0% all I am saying is I am not 100% is what actually happens, I like MILLIONS of others have doubt on this story, so we must ask why this is, why do so many Worldwide doubt any story from Israel when it comes to Palestine.  Is it because the Media do that good a job at lying and showing alleged images of death.

This is is the sick even we are up against as a species

This is is the sick even we are up against as a species

There is no video of the woman actually being shot, but you do see the the woman on the ground apparently dead. Many are saying, is this the real story or did something else perhaps happen here? This could be a staged event by Israel to cause a reaction from within Palestine and the Arab World. What do you think reader? Is this story as is, from Sky News or is it a lie? We know here in Scotland our Media play propaganda with us, well they used to till we called them out, but could it be the Israel Government are causing a Problem, Reaction, Solution event here? Problem, Reaction, Solution has been used all over the World and the Roman Empire have been proved to have used it. What do you think? For me if this turns into more deaths in Palestine I will say NOW, TODAY! This is a staged event to cause more War in Palestine. But lets hold back and I will say ‘Maybe’ I am correct. We will see though, be we want to or not. All I know for sure is, this is no war, this is a Global War machine against people living in a continual war zone, just because it’s not on the news, don’t presume nobodies dies. If it’s Israeli we get told, do we get told all Palestinian deaths?

Exclusive | Palestinian Girl 18 Yers old Was Killed By Israel Soldier
Via Rabbanians on You Tube – Graphic Warning!

Via: http://news.sky.com/


Pictures have emerged of the moment an Israeli soldier aimed his rifle at a woman who was killed by troops in the West Bank. The Israel Defense Forces said the Palestinian was shot in Hebron as she tried to stab a soldier. But relatives of Hadeel al-Hashlamun, a 19-year-old student, denied the Israeli report and claimed she had been illegally killed. The pictures were posted on the Facebook page of Palestinian activist group Youth Against Settlements. They show the soldier pointing his rifle at Ms Hashlamun, who was wearing a black robe, from a short distance away.

Ms al-Hashlamun's family claim she was illegally killed

Ms al-Hashlamun’s family claim she was illegally killed

Other images show her lying on the ground after being shot. A family member said after Ms Hashlamun was shot she was taken to an Israeli hospital where she was later declared dead. It follows a surge in confrontations since Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down in April 2014. Most of the violence has involved the throwing of rocks and petrol bombs and has not approached the levels of past Palestinian uprisings. Israeli forces have been on high alert in Jerusalem and the West Bank in the last few days. Travel between the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel has been limited until the end of the Yom Kippur holiday from midnight local time on Wednesday.

Another death for no reason.

Another death for no reason.

~~End Story~~


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