‘Saddened’ Sturgeon writes to disabled man targeted by the DWP + More


I think as a Scottish person we see this letter by Nicola not from a Politician or Political view but a person like all us true Scottish People who have the exact same DNA meaning we ‘Just care’ The letter sent by Nicola to Deborah Chester, mother to disabled kid Stuart Chester had good news attached, the devolved powers coming to Scotland very soon will give the SNP complete control of the DWP or the Scottish version of it. When we were asked to vote Yes or No for a free Scotland I often wonder how many Scottish people forgot the real and human cost that a no vote brought. Sure 8 month’s later on May 7th this year we turned Scotland yellow, but these new powers need to be sent yesterday, the holding back by London is gathering every spare pound they can get from Scotland before we start owning all our Fiscal ways at Government and Scottish level. Make no mistake we are close to removing ourselves from London oppression, closer than some would think. With Nicola Sturgeon warns David Cameron he is on ‘borrowed time’ You can click that link for the blog I did. Also Alex basically blamed the BBC Bias for the no vote. Alex Salmond: BBC Bias was ‘Significant Factor’ in deciding Scottish Independence Referendum That was the blog I did on Alex, Nicola and Alex spoke a day apart I am sure. This came when a new Labour leader who outed himself as a ‘Yes Man’ yesterday by claiming “He will have to just deal with it” Should his back benches vote to renew trident. For all that is good in the Scottish people, Nicola embodies the true Scottish soul..  Tweet and some blogs I did about this debate below. Also at the foot of every blog I do there are always 3 links to similar stories or the same story. Together we all do what Nicola does, stop the hate and start showing compassion, we free ourselves quicker through the flow of information being denied to us by Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills!

Via: http://www.thenational.scot/


THE First Minister has written a letter to the family of a severely disabled man targeted by Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare cuts.

Nicola Sturgeon sent the letter to Stuart Chester’s mother Deborah saying she was saddened to read of her son’s treatment by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in The National.

Mother-of-two Deborah, 51, told how her son, who has Down’s syndrome and autism had been ordered to prove he is unfit for work. Stuart cannot speak, read, wash or clothe himself. The 25-year-old, from Glasgow, who is cared for round-the-clock by his mother, was sent a 20-page work capability assessment form investigate his fitness for work and whether he is entitled to his Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) benefits.

In her letter to Deborah, Sturgeon wrote:

“I was saddened to read of Stuart’s treatment by the DWP. Saddened, but I am sorry to say not surprised. The Scottish Government is concerned about many aspects of the UK Government’s welfare reforms, including the treatment of disabled people. We continue to press the UK Government to make improvements and to ensure safeguards are in place for those who need them. You may be aware that, as a result of the Smith Commission process, disability benefits will eventually be devolved to the Scottish Parliament. We will give careful consideration as to how best to ensure that our new powers are tailored to the needs of the people of Scotland and will ensure that individuals, communities and organisations have their say on this . We are very clear that principles of dignity and respect must be central to the development of disability benefit policies in Scotland.”

Deborah and her daughter Amanda said they have been overwhelmed by the support from the First Minister and secretary for social justice Alex Neil. They also wanted to thank Natalie McGarry MP, SNP spokesperson on disabilities, for offering to help.

Deborah said: “It was really nice of Nicola to send us that letter and it meant a lot. “The support we have had since we spoke to The National about Stuart’s case has been phenomenal from people all over the world. Having these high-profile politicians on our side has helped a lot and hopefully together we can prevent other vulnerable people being targeted.”

Around 2,380 people have died between December 2011 and February 2014 after being found fit for work and losing benefits, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures show.

A DWP spokeswoman said:

“It’s impossible to make any link in these statistics between someone dying and their being found fit for work.” On Stuart’s case, the DWP added: “We regularly review people’s conditions to ensure that they are not simply written off and condemned to a life on benefits.“

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2 comments on “‘Saddened’ Sturgeon writes to disabled man targeted by the DWP + More

  1. I am truly Proud of our SNP Parliment in Edinburgh. They are indeed caring. I support them all the way. Indeed they are getting bashed constantly by Unionists on SocialMedia. But there Members know who cares more for Scotland and all people living there.

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    • As long as the yes movement doesn’t feed the hatred, we will be free VERY soon. If something happens in 2016, and I am assured it will, Scotland can enact an old law and walk from the Union totally..
      We are in interesting times Mary


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