Could a clean sweep in Scottish 2016 Elections trigger UDI?


Now before anyone gets carried away, I have been reading up on old laws and new laws. I have been told a few times now that should Scotland clear the decks in next years Scottish Elections in a level similar to May 7th this year, with a strong mandate for an SNP referendum, it could actually trigger UDI being enacted by the Scottish Government. I am told it is not as clean cut as this but should we all forget new and old Tory and Red Tory lies and vote SNP there is a law that could trigger Scotland Unilateral Declaration of Independence. I work with several Yes movement people, they find the facts, pass them to me and others, we research and if it seems plausible, we blog it. This is not cast in stone but not to be sniffed at either. We could be free within a year Scotland. We just need to finish the Job. The Europe question is another where London leaving without Wales and Scotland agreement could also trigger an old law, a law I am trying to source. For now this is all I have. Like all other bloggers, when we are sure we know, we share

Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a subnational entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the national state from which it is seceding.

The term was first used when Rhodesia declared independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom (UK) without an agreement with the UK.

The method of UDI is considered controversial in international law.

The International Court of Justice, in a 2010 advisory opinion, declared that unilateral declarations of independence were not illegal under international law.

The following is from the UDI website. (Please note that the SPP and the UDI site have no affiliation)

When is Scottish history downplayed and deemed irrelevant and historical nonsense that belongs in the past?

When it conflicts or contradicts with the English version of History of course.

Scotland’s 700 years old Declaration of Arbroath bares as much relevance in Our Life today as the 300 years old Act of Union does for England today.

The Arbroath Declaration supersedes the Act of Union. In fact, the Act of Union is illegal as it now exists.

The Act of Union, as a Trade Agreement, which it is, is perfectly acceptable.

But our Constitutional Rights as Sovereign Scots were never sighed away.

As soon as the political maneuvering had placed England as the dominate, ruling force, the Act of Union was rendered illegal.

We have all been conned for 300 years.




I, ………………., do hereby declare, as is my Constitutional Right as a Sovereign Scot, that Scotland is an Independent Sovereign Nation, and that We, as a Nation, no longer consent to Westminster Governance.

Get ready for this and another huge story to develop in the coming months. When Nicola Sturgeon warned David Cameron he is on ‘borrowed time’ it came the same week Alex Salmond outright accused the BBC of causing a no vote. Alex Salmond: BBC Bias was ‘Significant Factor’ in deciding Scottish Independence Referendum As I have said in a few blogs now, we are in for a show very soon. I can’t be 100% in research to this point but a few hours digging and I found this that was shared a while back. Looking back and then to now and the possibility of the SNP getting over 100 seats at Hollyrood could mean the SNP could walk away, as long as we vote with a referendum in mind, in the manifesto for 2020, I said 2020 for a while now as it is what I was told. I don’t know if it will be 2020 freedom or 2020 referendum at this stage, this is how confident I am #IndyRef2 – 2020 ‘Vision – #ShaunyNews Copyright ©


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8 comments on “Could a clean sweep in Scottish 2016 Elections trigger UDI?

    • Yeah, I think there will be a quick-ish exit. I can’t see it even going to a Referendum. Depending on how many seats out of the 129 the SNP can win. Right now the Scottish National Party has 64 seats, Scottish Labour 38 and
      Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, 15. I think and through debating and searching if the SNP can get 110 seats say, knowing a vote for the SNP is a vote for another Referendum, this means it would literally be a quick process to freedom, or slow depending on how people see it, for me if it takes till 2020? I can wait to party.

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  1. As much as I wouldnt exactly be complaining if UDI happened tommorrow, I still cant help but agree when people say that a vote for the SNP is not neccessarilly a vote for Independence. So assuming that a landslide for the SNP is a landslide for Independence could be questionable.
    What would be completely irrevocable, as i suspect anyone whom respects Scotlands peoples inalienable and Lawful constitutional rights would agree, is that should UDI come from a clear declaration of a clear majority of the people, as opposed to a dodgy Political mechanism (which is the only part of this that is deemed controversial), then this is a successful UDI and is as Lawfully binding as a constitutional reform can possibly get.
    It would be a UDI of the absolute and utmost authority; THE PEOPLE.

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    • Yeah well said. We can only apply UDI when there is broad Scottish agreement with the lords and land owners also. We can’t apply UDI for it’s sake, we can only do it, as you point out, when the time is correct and less chance of issues afterwards..Behind the scenes I am certain our freedom is being debated..



  2. Are you confident of a clean sweep in 2016 Holyrood election? The Tories are toxic, Labour’s lost it, the Lib Dems are demolished, UKIP are useless. I can’t see any of them winning a constituency, can you guys? From an English voter in peace.


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