Scotland: Did the paid shills show themselves to us all yesterday?



You will have to read this to get it. We all know the lengths the psychopaths will go to in order to divide the Scottish Yes movement, the image above is one we can all relate to well enough, but last night did we out the shills? Now if you didn’t see it, I fell for it, noticed my error but unearthed, possibly the heart of the people I have been warning this and other groups about, with the help of others


This was the image that someone spotted. This told us a few things 1. People share and like things without looking 2. I was right and so are all the people I speak to in private about these people. Now I don’t know if someone tried to play me yesterday, but if they did I spotted it very quickly, deleted the blog I did (Image below) and then wrote this about what I am certain is the Unionist’s disguised as Yes voters MY BLOG RE: SALTIRE PETITION! I WAS DONE GOOD!

My original post

My original post

I am not naming names and I won’t name names. I have said it long enough now to be more than certain, you shouldn’t be surprised as you seen it before and after the Referendum. I am not alone in my thinking, there are many of us and I just happened to be the one who was willing to share the thoughts, who the other people I speak to are, is irrelevant. These ‘Shills’ showed their hand and weakness last night without doubt. They are here, they are your friend, your information gatherer and they share things to cause division or comment to make people turn away.


I see them so clearly now it is so easy. I did a blog a few weeks back, 10 minute read and a 5 minute video then within 2 minutes a person wrote “You can’t spell” Now they probably were right but I told them they hadn’t read it and said “Why don’t you do better” then shared the image above to them. Make no mistake Scotland, these people are paid, they exist and we are on to them. I might be blogging the story but trust me, the people doing the research with me you do know. I also keep saying something huge is coming and it is, this is why they outed themselves is such an obvious way, they are DESPERATE to see weakness in the yes movement, it was almost like they meant to do it, but they never, they fell for the oldest trick in the book in ‘Trying to behead a dead guy’ You can take meaning from that if you can understand it. Make no mistake, people tried to play me and you last night and I outed them with help. If you seen it you know the names, if you never, you best go ask.

More to come!!


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2 comments on “Scotland: Did the paid shills show themselves to us all yesterday?

  1. You know I signed this and shared it. Then you told us it was a unionist Site. I felt totally taken in by it. I still don’t understand how it is a unionist site. Can you explain it to me. I worked for the yes campaign,we all had the Saltire flying .

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    • They were trying to trick people using the Saltire. Allowing all flags to be able to be flown. Even the UDI flags etc…Read all the links and replies when you can, it became more clearer as I found out what I was looking at Mary.. x


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