Palestinians Killed By Israeli Soldiers In Gaza – As New Genocide Approaches

Just scum many will tell you. They are people like you and I

Just scum many will tell you. They are people like you and I

So it begins again. Sky News I say well done for this piece, you tell the truth and you don’t side with Israel as say, the American news would. This is going to kick-start again any day now and hundreds maybe thousands of Palestinians who don’t want war, had no control over Hamas taking over their land will die. Think about it, do you really think Hamas were elected in via a democratic election? If you think they did you are best going back to School. I could share video’s of Palestinian’s saying they didn’t vote for Hamas, they hate Hamas for what they do. Sadly if I share these video’s I get the person praying to God every day for their family and the ones they have had killed already, into harms way. There are a few video’s I can share and the one I choose is a little girl, just older than my Daughters, she could be your kid, you could be her Gran, brother, mother, father of just someone who loves her.

Share! No God would allow this

Share! No God would allow this

I ask the loving God I keep hearing about to please come to the aid of the Palestinian people in a way that causes no more harm or death on either side. Sadly God does not exist in the way many think, so Palestinians will be killed, Israel will make it’self a bigger target and American people, well about 150 Million Americans ironically who are in the same position as Palestine will smile and not care. I wrote the highlighted blog above, knowing this was going to happen. I knew, and know this will be another routine reduction in population of Palestinians and Genocide will again happen IN GODS NAME!  If any human being watches this video below from Ross Kemp in the Middle East doing a TV show for Sky 1 TV Channel and can’t feel sad, I say you are part of the problem, if you watch this little girl my country allows me to see crying for her dead Parents and you are upset I ask you do more for this little girl and the 90% of Palestinians who do not want Hamas in Gaza. Where and who is your God and where is he? Watch this video then look in the Mirror World! If any American people watch this and are upset by my words, just so you know you are also being killed like Palestine in Police State USA? Irony and karma are killer USA! To my Scottish Kin, before we can help free Palestine, we first must free Scotland. Once the Scottish People are free we will be a HUGE voice with half the World and Ireland and more in recognizing Palestine. The story of a Country I hardly mention being asked about War Crimes is a story for others, please don’t confuse love for hate here, this video made me cry, made Ross Kemp cry, you? Or will your Bible make you turn away

Heart Breaking Palestinian Girl-So SAD -Kashif Armani7’s Group
Via Kashif Armani on You Tube – Ross Kemp, Middle East Series – Sky 1

American Christianity Will Happily Keep Palestine Occupied. Why?

Via: Sky News

Two Palestinians youths have been killed in Gaza by Israeli soldiers during demonstrations along the border fence of the blockaded coastal enclave. Palestinian media reported that a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old were shot during the protests in Khan Younis, which left many more injured.

Their deaths follow two separate stabbings by Palestinians targeting Israelis in Jerusalem today, as a sharp increase in violence continues to build momentum. Outside the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City a Palestinian man stabbed two officers, one of them in the neck.

'SLIGHTLY' injured Israeli IDF Military Officer

‘SLIGHTLY’ injured Israeli IDF Military Officer

Soon afterwards, other police forces opened fire and shot dead the attacker – but wounded a third Israeli officer in doing so. All three policemen have now been taken to hospital, and one of them is in a serious condition.

In an earlier incident, a 16-year-old Palestinian stabbed two Israelis and left them slightly wounded. A police spokesman said the teenager was shot after he wielded his knife and ran towards police officers. Confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli troops are ongoing in Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Gaza, as fears grow that the recent spate of violence could spill over into a major uprising.

Overnight, sirens sounded in southern Israel as two rockets were fired from the Gaza strip, landing in open ground. No injuries were reported. The rockets followed the deaths of seven Palestinians, killed by Israeli soldiers as around a thousand Gazans demonstrated along the enclave’s border fence on Friday in solidarity with Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

On Friday night, Israeli police also confirmed they had shot a 25-year-old man in the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem, claiming he had opened fire on officers amid a crowd throwing rocks and petrol bombs.

The man later died in hospital. The Palestinian militant group Hamas, whose leader in Gaza declared the violence a new intifada (uprising), has claimed he was one of its members. The recent surge in violence has been building momentum for more than a week, resulting in a mass deployment of Israeli forces at flashpoints across Israel and the occupied West Bank.

Four Israelis have been killed in shooting or near-daily stabbing attacks, and at least 10 others have been wounded. More than 20 Palestinians have been killed, including a number who were shot dead by police as presumed perpetrators of attacks against Israelis. Several hundred have also been injured during clashes with Israeli troops.

Define War and you realize there is no war here

Define War and you realize there is no war here

~~End Story~~



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