Palestinians killed after ‘alleged’ Hebron stabbings – New genocide happening

And the killing is happening every day now till more genocide happens

And the killing is happening every day now till more genocide happens

I remember once not too long ago I shared a link from a truthful news in Al Jazeera only for a person from a certain country to reply with “I am not reading Al Qaeda news” Now if that is not ignorance I don’t know what is, and this is one of our biggest problems in the World today when it comes to this story. Because ignorance sits 10,000 miles away watching Fascist news and not getting the truth they think because the news outlet comes across as Islamic that it is a lie. Yesterday I posted UK Media Channel 4 with a heartbreaking video piece from a man who is respected in UK news, awarded for doing what he does, he was in Gaza, he seen it first hand, this was his accounts Democratic Channel 4 News, UK – Jon Snow tells the Israel/Palestine TRUTH And for once we have a huge news station telling the truth about what is actually happening.

State of Palestine: Palestinian with press vest shot dead after ‘alleged’ stabbing
Via Ruptly TV on You Tube – RAW VIDEO – Guns againt rocks.

This is going to escalate and more people will die. Soldiers are casualties of war, woman and children are not. Israel allows these people freedom, real freedom and then sits back and allow a peace process to happen. It worked in my culture, country and it can work anywhere if given a chance, the American war drums are beating this morning as more people die and they sit and get brainwashed on Fox News, in some cases. Not all American’s support Israel but enough do to allow this to happen by swallowing lies



Three Palestinians have been shot dead in separate attacks after they allegedly tried to stab Israelis in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, the latest incidents in a wave of violence that has escalated this month.

In Hebron, a Jewish settler killed a Palestinian man early on Saturday after the Palestinian allegedly tried to stab him. Israeli police said the man was shot dead before he could harm the Israeli.

Witnesses disputed the Israeli police version of the event, saying the incident looked more like an attack by the settler on the Palestinian. Video circulated by Palestinian activists showed a young man wearing a kippa brandishing a pistol as shots rang out before Israeli soldiers moved in to pull him away from a body lying on the ground.

Palestinian security sources identified the Palestinian as 18-year-old Fadel al-Kawatsmi. In the second attack, a Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli forces after she allegedly attempted to stab a female soldier guarding an illegal Jewish settlement in Hebron.

The soldier suffered minor injuries to her hand, according to an Israeli police spokesperson. Palestinian media said her assailant was aged 16. Israeli police sealed off the city by blocking road access after violent clashes broke out between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces following the killings. In East Jerusalem, a Palestinian allegedly tried to stab a soldier at a checkpoint in East Talpiot but was shot dead by other soldiers.

Police said the boy was a 16-year-old from nearby Jabel Mukaber, the same neighbourhood that was home to three Palestinians who were killed earlier this week after alleged attacks against Israelis. Amid tit-for-tat attacks between Israelis and Palestinians, the ongoing streak of violence has left dead at least 42 Palestinians – including suspected attackers, as well as unarmed protesters and bystanders – and seven Israelis.

Israeli security forces have deployed massively in Jerusalem and on Wednesday began setting up checkpoints in parts of East Jerusalem, including Jabel Mukaber. But it has failed to stop the violence. The mounting death toll has prompted speculation about a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising, like those of 1987-93 and 2000-2005, when thousands were killed in near-daily violence.

Palestinian plea rejected

Saturday’s killings came a day after Israel rejected a Palestinian plea to the United Nations for an international force to police the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem. (SO ISRAEL REJECTED A PLEA FROM NON HAMAS GROUPS)

Tensions boiled over into violence earlier this month as Israeli incursions into the al-Aqsa complex – the third holiest site in Islam – gave way to protests and clashes that have consumed much of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. “An international presence on the Temple Mount [al-Aqsa Mosque compound] would violate the status quo of the last several decades,” Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said on Friday. “Israel does not think international intervention [in] the Temple Mount would be helpful or contribute to stability,” Danon added.

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Israel says thwarts further knife attacks, three Palestinians dead

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