Words to live by?

Don’t exercise your freedom of speech until you have exercised your freedom of thought. – Tim Fargo
Now think hard about that quote. I shared it earlier in a few groups and Ed seen it and blogged it, so only fair I re-blog it. In my small travels in a few years of Global Social Media I know this quote is 100% true. When people are faced with a debate they either debate like adults or see hate or make hate up. I think I have lost count of the people I have made friends with only for them to block me because I speak the truth.
Another good quote is “Honesty won’t always get you a lot of friends, but it will get you the correct friends” In Eddie who I am reblogging I have this friend. Almost since day 1 of me blogging non-football only Ed has been part of my Blogging World. He is an amazing writer, thinker and also an Archbishop, I say this because in all the hours of Skype debating I know Ed can take his hat off and debate REALLY WELL.
Often the smallest of detail define our lives and our beliefs. I would not go as far as saying “I love Social Media” as I am not a big fan. Like Ed I have learnt to let hate go over my head. Often when you meet hate and ignorance it is very hard to not get angry, but I stand firm in my belief that to refuse hate is choice. I was a football manager 15 years and hated VERY WELL. But I learn that the more I talk, we talk as humans, the more we have opinions and share them, like Ed has done here, the more we realize WE WILL BE HATED. Many in Social Media lose sleep over someone disagreeing with them; they get to a point where Social Media becomes their normal, their life almost.
Don’t ask me why I typed all that, I guess I am in a reflective mood today. My thirst for knowledge will never cease to be there. My Father is 70 years old, still active, still building things on his tropical Island on one of Scotland’s most Northerly Islands, he says ‘I am still learning’ a process we do till we can’t 😀 Yeah, tropical and Scotland should not be used in the same paragraph
Good share Ed!!

For some odd reason I felt this song was part of what I am trying to say. This song isn’t about losing a person, it could be about losing a bad thing like an addiction, drink, drugs or whatever. The lyrics to this song fit these quotes perfectly, well I think so. 😀 Have a good weekend World.

Just Us Owls

Don’t exercise your freedom of speech until you have exercised your freedom of thought. – Tim Fargo

Such a great quote and I thank my Tartan Brother for sharing it! Basically we would all get along better if we engage our brains before our mouths…less heated arguments would happen!


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2 comments on “Words to live by?

  1. Why are you behaving like a child, Shaun? I have the right to disagree and I think you know you’re turning your back on the very ideals you espouse in this “about” section by behaving this way.

    You accuse me of being hateful. WHERE? The Palestinians are hateful of the Jews, they perpetuate the violence upon them. You are a victim of emotional propaganda my friend and i offer only rational insight. But to block me for merely disagreeing with you… that’s childish!

    Unblock me and discuss the issues like an adult, you might actually learn something.


    • I have a past, same as us all Jock. And I don’t talk to people who talk down to me, or act like pricks. You crossed my line.
      https://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/murder-and-more-through-the-eyes-of-a-child/ < I am kid in boat.

      You think and talk over people. I still read your blog. You are a good lad but you think you fucking know it all, YOU FUCKING DON'T.
      I set our DAILY to learn new things, be it myself or through other means of information gathering…
      And to answer a question you asked me once. https://shaunynews.com/2015/05/10/israel-kill-palestinian-fishermen-again-flood-gaza-europe-end-this/
      I always run with 5 stories, then I dump one and then find another. I have M.E my mind is cloudy, not playing any fucking cards on you here, just reality. I was warned by about 50 people when I re-blogged your stuff. So I set out to ask "Why do people not trust Jock" and I seen it.
      I can't hack Jock and even if I could I wouldn't hack you. I see people for my own, it's the reason I kept talking to you..
      Till you sent me that bullshit. I have enough pretend face fuckwits in my life to count, don't be another one and maybe we can talk…
      If you know more than me, then tell me, don't fucking flirt with me, I don't fuck on the first date.
      Now I know who you are…Maybe a good idea you find out who I am…It's all in that link..

      Maybe then we can talk…Till them you can only reply to me on this 1 thread. If I see a decent lad I seen before…I unblock you at your source.



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