More Proof America is being De-Americanized – The roots of all Evil


I WRITE WORLD NEWS, SO THIS IS GOING GLOBAL, NOT JUST SCOTLAND. I AM NOT SAYING I BELIEVE THIS, I AM SHARING AMERICAN PEOPLE’S VIEWS ON THEIR OWN COUNTRY! You will probably not read nor watch the video’s so I have planted a small placement here to show who has actually read it or not, see if you can spot it. Also below I will leave a ton of Tweets from American people like you and I.

Joan Rivers in the 1st video below says “Michelle Obama is Transgender” [A MAN] Then Rivers died shortly after in a strange botched operation. Now I don’t believe things like this so I went on a few weeks research to debunk this, basically prove all this wrong, and I could not. I am left here almost in shock at first Joan Rivers saying Obama’s Wife is a man dressed as a woman. DO NOT BELIEVE ME, GO AND WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU WILL HEAR IT YOURSELF. This is going into the realms of satanism in the USA. American people are sharing this information. I am not sitting here saying I believe it, however when I did watch these video’s I found it hard to debunk them. One thing I did find is America is almost split right down the middle with Religion and Non Religion. Many inside the USA tell me “Satan runs the show here” or “America is run by Satan” and more I hear “Most of the people here are brainwashed by media and religion” Why would American’s tell me this? Why are American people so scared? Why can’t average American people like me debate in a manner befitting an adult? I listened to these people but I didn’t believe nor did I want to believe them, even as I type this it is a hard pill to swallow. [No pun intended] I watched a documentary, was over an hour long and it was from the deep south where people REALLY do live unhappy Religious lives as they believe the Devil is out to get them at every turn, may I add most of the school/College shootings are happening in these areas. What does that tell us about these people saying the Devil is at Work and owning the USA. I don’t believe in the Devil, I just believe people are bad, people are evil in the sense they are occult often. The occult is at play in the USA, there is no argument as it is in your face, images below


Google away, there are many images like this – Very strange


Again, is it just wind, or are Americans correct on this one?



This does ‘SEEM’ to be a story


I mean what is this?



Through my 3 years being a blogger and researching I have asked what is happening in the USA more and more. I said I would stop blogging about the USA but what if this is all true. What if Michelle is actually Michael? Millions Worldwide are transgender and could this explain why many of any or non faith believe Obama is dragging the USA to a bad place. I pray for you guys what I wrote here, and I firmly believe this man should be next POTUS. Why The USA should vote Bernie Sanders and rejoin humanity – In 1 short video Sadly like my Country Scotland were denied our Freedom from London, for now, I don’t think Bernie will win, even in 90% of the USA vote for him.

ron-paul-mitt-romney-rick-santorum-crowd-draws-again-as-not-reported-by-lame-stream-mediaHillary WILL be your next POTUS and when it happens you can ask me how I knew. For me it is very obvious from the outside looking in why Bernie will not be allowed to be POTUS. We had big piece of proof to back my words up when this happened last week. Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew. So I ask simply a story that was called a lie all these years ago, a story the USA kept telling it’s people and the World, a huge lie. My 6 Year old Daughter and your Dog could sit and watch the famous Zapruder film and say “His head went backwards” So to sum up, if we can say “You lied about this” can we then turn around and say “What else are you lying about” Clinton denies having oral sex with Monica Lewinsky, Watergate seen more lies and Nixon stood down was another lie. The more we look at 9/11 we see inconsistencies, all I would say is “Prove to me a plane hit the Pentagon and I will maybe look at it again” Because no plane hit the pentagon, so we apply the same logic to the stories above and we can see lies. Can anyone else remember any other lies to come from the USA. Sure the World tells lies but the psychopaths run the USA and have a button to kill us all. This is a worry for many around the World. I don’t expect ANYONE to even read this text never mind watch half an hours worth of Video’s proving at least Joan Rivers called Michelle Obama out as a man. I can handle ignorance, but don’t deny your ignorance. America you are in Hell and it is going to get worse. I hope your God exists as you wish

[VIDEO PROOF] Joan Rivers – Michelle Obama Is A Man
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

Many Video’s showing how America is changing
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

Obama Sacrificed Joan Rivers For Exposing Tranny Michelle Obama!! 2014
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7
Via Christiaan Baron on You Tube

Obama calls Michelle ‘MICHAEL’
Via Spiritwolf Of the wild on You Tube






The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones written in 8 languages

English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian — each relaying 10

English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian — each relaying 10 “new” commandments for “an Age of Reason.”

East Vancouver

East Vancouver

Why are American people showing these images?

Why are American people showing these images?

Again we must apply logic and ask

Again we must apply logic and ask “Why did he say this, and to whom”

American Christianity Will Happily Keep Palestine Occupied. Why?

Scotland, America, Immigration, Literacy, Palestine, Russia and more……

Homeless man sums up American society, Our World, 2015, TODAY

Super Famous American Muslims for STUPID RACIST Americans!

Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

Communism, Fascism, Marxism and the USA

A question to the people of the USA


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