Happy ‘Back to the Future’ Day + Predictions! ♫ Songs


We have touchdown

Blog I did last year with more!  Back To The Future – How Close Was It To 2014 Reality?

Many have shown the exact time Marty arrived in 2015, many have shared as 7pm, the actual time is 04:??am. I have all the Memorabilia one human could want from the back to the future series. So the actual date is today but the time has passed, he arrived at 4am USA time today that is 9am here in Western Europe, or Scotland where I am. Go to Google and ask “What time did Marty arrive in 2015” and there are many showing 7pm, but look back to when they arrived, it is dark. Friends in America who follow the NBA and are Chicago Cubs fans are making Back to the future T-Shirts as the movie predicted it, but what else did Back to the future, like Star Trek predicted?

Laughable at the time, a reality in 2015 for the Cubbies!!

Laughable at the time, a reality in 2015 for the Cubbies!!

This would have gotten you laughed to death back in 1985, the old guy telling Marty to put money on the Cubs is actually Marty as an old guy. Yeah! They made Back to the Future 2 and 3 almost at the same time, the story line was Marty going over Docs head after finding the “Grays Sports Almanac” Doc binned it, so the image above is an Older Marty explaining to Marty how he could have made MILLIONS in the year 2015 😀 Cool or what!! And this is why I am a Science freak today. Back to the Future I watched when I was 13 and it pushed my young mind to Science and more so TIME TRAVEL. I did this blog yesterday: The Creation of a Magnetic Wormhole – Spanish Scientists Create stable wormhole Being 42 years old now I can hold small debate on they physics behind time travel or bending time through string theory, strange I turned into a Geek. But knowledge is power they say. So for those in the USA rooting for the Chicago Cubs and all who look back to these series of 3 movies, Happy Back to the Future Day!

From my Blue ray disk

From my Blue ray disk


A few things to note, a few actually have happened since 1985


3D TV Made a comeback in 2015, as it has

I own a few Back to the Future things myself… 


My sons got me these bad boys

A wall of fantasticness'ness

My corner of the house

Enchantment under the sea Dance - BTTF 1&2

Marty met his Mum and Dad in 1955 and changed the time line

Grays, Sports, Almanac

This is what changed it all and gave us Back to the Future 3, Marty got this, Doc threw it away, Older Biff stole the delorean

Marty & Doc 1885 with Clock Tower

The Clock Tower being made in 1885 in Back to the Future 3

Marty's Letter warning Doc of Lybian's and other - BTTF 1

Marty warns Doc about the Libyans in 1985, in 1955

SIGNED Save the Clock Tower BTF1

Back to the Future 1, we all remember this scene. The entire movie is almost set around the Clock tower

You're Fired

Older Marty gets fired in Back to the Future 2, While Marty from 1985 is there



HA HA Just insane

Changing Time!

Changing Time!

Back To The Future – The Power Of Love
Via Why So Serious? on You Tube


Back To The Future [1985] – Johnny B Goode (Original)
Via Back To The Future on You Tube


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