Someone else speaks to Bojan after I left

Others started to speak to Bojan as I was leaving

Had a strange morning…Long story. I had to go to the local high street for something. I seen this guy, a guy I see at least once a week. He is Romanian called Bojan, now the first thing I thought was “Scammer” when I first seen him a year or so ago but no, he is a decent man…I see him every week, I walk past him and say hi. He asks if I can help and I say “Sorry I only carry cards, no cash” As many of us do these days…He never understands my words, so today I went back into a small store and bought him one of them £5 meals, sandwiches, crisps, a hot drink and a bar of chocolate or healthier stuff options as it was freezing cold and he looked pretty worn..I went outside, put my stuff in my car then went over and introduced myself to him. He spoke very broken English. We chatted best we could, he showed me images of him with his wife and kids, he showed me himself as a soldier on his 15 year old phone, he had stepped on a land mine back home he managed to tell me losing a leg we can all see when we pass him. I got in my car thinking about how damn lucky I am but also guilt that our society, our World has taken people like Bojan there, but happy I live in a Country that helps people from around the World who are displaced. Hardly anyone stops for Bojan, I got back to my car after giving him food and seen a few people giving him money..He looked over at me and gave me a thumb, I managed to take another image of Bojan from my car, I didn’t want to make it obvious. Tonight his family will eat…That is the guys whole being, feeding his family every day…I thought I would share a human story with you…Because feck politicians…The people will change our Countries and our World in the end…I don’t know when/how or where. I just know the human spirit will overcome the evils we all see. As I say in most of my crappy blogs I do “More love, less hate” And today I proved that quote to myself. Because I stopped for Bojan, others seen me and stopped too. So I am now asking the obvious question…“Why can’t we all help like this” Not just this situation but all situations where we can help, but walk past thinking “They will be ok” or “Someone else will help them” …I am rather proud of myself this morning…I created a moment for me, for Bojan and others. 😀 Now isn’t life just so frikkin easy? Yet we make it so hard. ‪#‎LiveHappy‬ ‪#‎HelpSadness‬ PS: Excuse my ugly mug, it was like -5 and I was unshowered/unshaved and un-everything at around 9am… lol

Bojan and ugly dude

Bojan and ugly dude



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