A Video Proving We Self Destruct, End Up Living In Regret! Why do we do it?

WWE Wrestler Marc Mero

WWE Wrestler Marc Mero, but please read on, this image is fake, I will tell you why

I am SO aware of this..

I am SO aware of this..

Because I come across as a lad who cares, loves, refuses to hate, be my own person and not the person others want me to be or think I should be, the idiots amongst us see this as a ‘weakness’ I was raised by and to this day am surrounded by men who are dangerous if you annoy them but can write and speak like I am here, if you don’t know this then you truly don’t know what the World is really about. Thankfully because I write like this I meet other guys all over the World and also here in Edinburgh, Scotland were I live who are the exact same as me, can kill a man for harming a loved one but who can also show true life emotions without caring, in truth some of the toughest lads I know and you have heard about were in-fact very deep thinking, talking guys who would cry at the drop of a hat in love and anger, the lie that ‘Tough Guys’ Real tough guys are always beating on people and being negative is a total fallacy. Life is so very easy, even when it’s hard and we just keep making life hard as a people. I often stop at the word ‘Species’ as that word by it’s definition is by default a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. The species is the principal natural taxonomic unit, ranking below a genus and denoted by a Latin binomial, e.g. Homo sapiens, so what are we really? Anyway you MUST watch this video below friends. It is said ‘1 Moment can change your life’ I ask simply, define a moment, I think this is a moment here below in the video. Marc Mero reached fame as a WWE wrestler but he was struggling with drugs and alcohol. And every time he hit bottom his mom was there. The day she died changed his life. You HAVE to hear the message of hope he’s sharing now! Who helped you through your darkest hours? As day turns to night then back again I feel the crap in my system draining and my mind not needing fed as often, and it’s a real awakening as a few friends have said jokingly to me, it truly is me waking up to a brand new World I am trying to figure out every morning I wake up, I do it with a smile but often it makes me and many others sad when we understand the utter suffering we cause to ourselves and to others, be that locally in our lives or as a species who murder for money and power

What REAL Mums feel, think and act like. I understand my luck in my Mum...Do you?

What REAL Mums feel, think and act like. I understand my luck in my Mum…Do you?

The pain is for life but it’s choice and I refuse to allow the pain to define me. I, like you or anyone learnt the hard way that ‘Who we surround ourselves with’ will make or break us. Surround ourselves with arseholes, we become arseholesSurround ourselves with Junkies, we become junkiesSurround ourselves with Gossips, we become Gossips…Who we surround ourselves with define the rest of your life. Like Mark above I too was a bad lad when I was a kid. So the choices I was making tore me away from everyone. Eventually you get older and wiser (I am still learning of course) You understand choice of who we surround ourselves with is in our hands. Who falls for the “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” bullshit needs to wake up and grow up. Why would we want people we dislike around us all our lives? This video is utterly amazing. This is a guy who nearly died and now lives in regret every time he tries to sleep at night because he lived in selfish moments, It takes SECONDS to say “Love you” Deny that and you are defined badly and when you are older you becomes nothing to nobody. This was just my opinions to anyone here. Live and learn I hear a lot. But I don’t see people learning much. I used to think “When I am pissed off, stay off the Computer” Yet I didn’t till just last week. Good place to vent is the internet, It also stops us falling out with people we love by allowing ourselves to just VENT OR RANT the issues in our mind, I am not a huge fan of Social Media but today I work in it almost, it’s good part is the way we can leave our venting and issues here and not give them to the people we love and may hurt. I was brought up and learnt through my mistakes how very sudden life can be. #NoRegret Don’t be that guilt at a Funeral so you can look cool today. Remember tomorrow someone will judge you. EVERYONE I know has been judged by others. Bores the shit out of me, but it’s what us humans do. Why we do it to ourselves is bravado, drop that and as I have learnt just in the last few weeks, you live better. #JustSaying

Marc Mero speaks to a hall full of kids – Their reaction to his story is something we can learn from.
We are a futile species at times us humans, we leave ourselves so closed to true meaning and love, so when bad times
arrive we are lost. Because we didn’t say “I love you Mum” or in any instance “I love you” to whoever. I am just
using this amazing video to prove a point, like the one in the blog I shared above ..

His ego was so big, his heart so closed, when the person he loves most died, it was too late to tell her...

His ego was so big, his heart so closed, when the person he loves most died, it was too late to tell her…



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4 comments on “A Video Proving We Self Destruct, End Up Living In Regret! Why do we do it?

  1. good post shauny! loved the video…your choice of words were beautiful and to the point…your heart has always been tender…keep going forward and pressing in…you will achieve what you’ve started and will be free from all the trials you’re enduring…
    blessings 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Stranger x…Thank you. I don’t blog much these days as repetition is boring me, lol. Loved this guys story. Sad but good at the same time. He might have changed the minds of many kids on his travels. In truth I would stop writing to do what this man is doing in a heartbeat..

      Hope you are well..x

      Liked by 1 person

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