Changing the World Through Kindness

Coach, from the USA

Coach, from the USA

Coach Muller from the USA here is telling a story, via a blog that I could call my own in writing. Both Coach and I, are one in the same. When we need to be a coach, as both of us are or were whilst coaching kids in Sport we understand each other as we are very similar. There is no greater privilege than helping young kids grow older and learn not just the sport but the reasons to win or lose, the reasons to be. I always said “Coaching kids was not just that, it was also help kids grow up and become better people” This is something I took from my Days coaching. The blog at the bottom, the one I am sharing below what I am typing has a video in it yeah, I ask you please watch this video. Maybe at the end it will show what Coach and I do, why we do it and why we share it, not just coaching but trying to create the same moments in life as we do or did while coaching, amazing moments. Coach is 5,000 miles from me yet we share the same passion in trying to make the World a better place. I say in my blogs “More love less hate” Coach may not have a stupid punchline like me but his blogs are the same as the ones I do where I write about love and peace. Coach I need to say this to you. For every person who has mocked the many like you and I for DARING to write about love and peace, I want to ask them now if their life went the way they wanted or are they unhappy? Did their uncaring ways make them unhappy or bitter? If this has happened that is very sad. When Coach and I turn off the internet we become Dad, Hubby and more, we walk back into real life. But why we blog is because of the very process of being in real life. We care, we love and we reach out in the hope someone reaches back!!

Coach, thanks for reaching back my friend!


Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: Troth God of Knowledge via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Troth God of Knowledge via CC Flickr

One of my favorite TV shows that I used to enjoy watching when I was a kid, was about this friendly, caring and compassionate man who loved to share the good things in life and his positive personal thoughts with us kids…Mr. Fred Rogers, host of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”.

He always had this kind and gentle way of explaining the important and every-day-things of life in entertaining and educational ways. I used to think that it must have been really a cool thing to live in a neighborhood like that. Unfortunately, or course, the neighborhood wasn’t real and “life” was a lot harder and different from the way it was portrayed. 

The one thing that I learned the most from watching most of his shows, something that I still try to do every day…even now…is to show kindness and compassion to…

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6 comments on “Changing the World Through Kindness

  1. my kids loved watching Mr Fred Rogers! now their children watch Daniel the Tiger, which is in the same form as his…it’s wonderful to see the next generation appreciate kindness and compassion…keep doing what you do Shaun 😉


    • I am trying Selah, but people try to stop me. Our World snuff’s out, gets rid of love always. Be it JFK/ John Lennon/ ML King Jr, the list is endless, they even do it to the small people like you and I…I will keep going for as long as I can..x

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