USA Petition – Lift the ban on Scottish haggis in the USA

Burns Night Haggis

Burns Night Haggis

Monsanto banned this!

Monsanto banned this!

Stumbled across this on my travels this morning, and to my astonishment the US Government ban Scottish made Haggis. So I did a little research on this story and discovered that, not to my surprise Monsanto banned it. January 25th we here in Scotland and countless other people across the World celebrate Burns Night. See in the USA the giant in food Monsanto rule the American food chain and it’s in’s and out’s, what most American’s eat is served to them via GMO, Chemical engineering in food, making food with Chemicals, this is what my Country Scotland just banned and France accused the USA of poisoning the World with. I have proven this to the people who did not believe it at the time, are owned by Monsanto, what American’s put on their kitchen table is modified so badly it allegedly gives people Cancer and worse. This story is about Scottish people in the USA demanding Congress drop the law and allow Scottish made Haggis to be imported into the USA. For Americans who don’t know, there are a few things you should be made aware off 1. Scottish people don’t wear kilts every day and 2. we don’t eat haggis every night, it’s a yearly thing in our culture to Celebrate Rabbie Burns the poet, called ‘Burns Night’ But there are people who perhaps have it once a week. Most families have a weekly dinner planner, we try in my home to know what days we are eating what. We don’t have haggis on our planner but I should say many do.

Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns

This here explains Haggis and the culture behind it here: Burns Supper – what’s involved? Haggis is spicy meat, it’s no more than a hamburger or spicy steak in reality. Many think “Heww, disgusting” without even trying it, it really is palatable and actually good for you. We have it with mashed potato and mashed turnip. On Burns night we all may have Haggis in our homes, I have been at a full dinner where we ‘Address the Haggis’ and it’s all ceremonial and, well boring 😀 But I guess I really like all the Scottish traditions. Some blogs below about Monsanto and a ton of Tweets from Americans on the Haggis being banned in the USA. Full story below

We do take it serious, but it's all cultural and really good fun, just once a year

We do take it serious, but it’s all cultural and really good fun, just once a year

~Blogs I did about this subject before~

French court – US Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning – Scotland just banned this!

Sheeple of America (re-mastered) Payday Monsanto

Ace News – Scotland to issue formal ban on genetically modified crops


A video done by a famous US Rapper. This is US MADE!


What’s wrong with our food system | Birke Baehr |
This US kid takes to the stage and OWNS Monsanto – BRILLIANT TED TALKS PIECE!
Via Ted Talks on You Tube

Petition Via: < Sign the petition!

This was written and petitioned by Richard Jefferis, an ex Scot from Californian, USA. For 45 years imports of Scottish haggis to the USA have been banned. I’m an English-Scottish expat with a fond love of Haggis, Scotch and Robert Burns. After moving to Los Angeles 14 years ago I was shocked to discover you cannot get Scottish-made haggis in the USA. It tears me up that I have to serve my friends a weak imitation of the real thing on St Andrew’s Day on 30 November and Burns Night on 25 January.

I have joined forces with Scotland Now to overturn the restrictions on the importation of Scottish haggis.

Perhaps you are already fond of the “Great Chieftan of the Puddin’ Race” or possibly an adventurous foodie, or any one of the 27 million Americans with Scottish ancestry interested in their cultural heritage. Generations of haggis-fed Scots have thrived and continue to thrive with haggis a part of their regular diet. Millions of Scottish people can’t be wrong.

Help us put Scottish haggis back on the menu!



Why we should #freethehaggis

Why is haggis banned in the USA?

Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Please consider lifting the export restrictions on Scottish-produced haggis so that millions of Americans of Scottish descent can enjoy this traditional, healthy dish.

~~End Story~~


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