Has the ‘Yes Movement’ been derailed?

Scotland-Magnified-webI used to do a few blogs a day, now I am doing a few a week. The same old imaged and questions, valid for sure, but repetitive for many. Spoke to a few on Skype and other ways and it seems many feel the same as myself. The Yes movement has become an angry one, I am not saying everyone is angry but what we are writing is being distorted by ‘whoever’ for ‘whatever’ reasons. I seen it many months ago, I called them shills and I thought if we didn’t out them as 1 unit of people we would fall as individuals. Well sadly this is the way I see it happening these days. I still want a free Scotland and will do all I can, like you, like many people by sharing the truth be that truth huge or so small we can’t see it till someone points to it. The movement is divided to the point yes voters now argue.

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Until there is purpose and reason for me to write and research again I bow out for now. Really is just the same talk, images and stories, it’s getting boring and the yes movement is not what it was before the 2014 referendum. I have said it for so long now that I am actually being swayed by the very actions of the people I am trying to point to and say “They are liars and no voters”

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No way will I give in on a free Scotland but when people ask me “Why do you always work on your own” when people ask if I will become part of their movement my response is always the same “Who do we trust” I know who I can trust but the people I know I can trust, are they trusting the correct people? No hate, just observations of boredom from me, no biggy people. Keep on keeping on and maybe one day we will be free. Because right now we are talking and saying nothing, walking and going nowhere. People not allowing the freedom of expression and information, why? I have been saying liars and thieves have been on our door step for a decade now, only now I see people seeing the so called ‘Conspiracies’ as fact, but we need more than just acceptance of a truth.

For now…….

Alba gu bràth


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6 comments on “Has the ‘Yes Movement’ been derailed?

  1. Been a supporter of Independencece for over 50 years shauny it is not the quantity of blogs that are important but the quality. The fact that thousands of Scots have deserted the MSM and now get more honest and truthful information online is a very positive sign. Those that blog and publish their analysis from info and searches etc are the scouts of a movement they will be in first contact with the enemy but should not be led into blind alleys by those that are planted in the freedom movement simply to cause division,

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    • You know I agree with all you say. The division is there mate. I posted this in 50+ groups and in over half Yes voters were hating each other. I didn’t do this blog to create this action, but I knew it would. And Newspaper sales (I think) will keep going down as the years pass, one day all news will be here and this is where we will see the real lies. For now a generation or few still buy paper media…This will stop one day. I am not stopping the freedom drum…Just standing back till it’s time.


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