My New Life Starts Today. Please watch this video! ♫ FIX YOU ♫



I was sent a video from a relative’s Uncle a few weeks ago, half family soon to be or something. It got to me, I seen something in this video, I will leave it below, I felt the video. I have sat at this chair or other chairs in agony for too long now, so today I decided to start walking the dog more. Today, first try, 20 minutes up to the top of the hill then back down again. The pain I am in now is INSANE but I feel like it’s worth it. The pain will never dissipate or lessen; learning to live in pain is what I am trying to do here. I say this and bore myself to tears but I have a family, two little girls I want to walk down the aisle one day at their weddings. If I stay where I am, stand still I won’t be here for 10 years more, never mind 20 or 30. So today is the start of something new. I can only try, I will fall, I will fail, but I always (Sorry, lol) come back to my 15 years as a football coach and manager today. I remember I roared at people to go that extra yard, that extra pace, to give all they have, AND I WAS GOOD AT IT. So now let me put to practice what I preached to others for many years. I know it’s going to hurt but if I am going to live in pain I need my muscles to be more and I need my mind clearer. I had to take a small amount of medication when I came back. So today was a start. I write a lot, people reach back often, I reach back too. So to the lad who gave me this video and planted a seed in my mind. Thanks a lot mate… I will enjoy that pint all the better one day 😀 This video below is about an ex Army lad from the USA. He gave up, but 1 man seen him and thought “I need to help him” This video I will watch most days to motivate myself. I am doing this for me sure, but if you love me, I do it for you also. Get up!! Stand up! I need to win again. Life ain’t beating me. I demand better from myself. Today I start a new journey, a new way of being and becoming. I am in agony, but pain is pain, life is life..This video made me cry when I was first sent it, but it took me a few weeks to get myself ready for this journey. So no matter where I end up I hope for my 2 wee princess’ I do it. I AM STANDING BACK UP…

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!
Via: Diamond Dallas Page on You Tube

NEVER GIVE IN, YOU WILL FALL, BUT GET BACK UP!! I used to say this to people, now I need it for me. 

More love, less hate.


Just the start!


I could see the Highlands of Scotland after 1 walk. I will post other walks as I go


My new walking buddy…


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