Lib Dem MP admits to ‘untruthfulness’ over Sturgeon memo leak

Former Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael attends the election court hearing in Edinburgh

Former Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael attends the election court hearing in Edinburgh

Something of real substance to write today and this is more proof if we need it that the people of Scotland are pushing the freedom movement still, we own our Politicians and the people from the Islands raised the money themselves to take him to court and get him sacked, NOW THAT IS DEMOCRACY AT WORK. When I myself was having thoughts of “It’s pointless” Along comes a story that will put more than 1 man in trouble. SO NOW he admits it. He has had many chances to tell the truth but he wasted public funds and fundraising money from the people in his constituency of Isle of Orkney and Shetland where they raised an astonishing £127,000 to take this liar to the Court of Session in Edinburgh’s High Court today. I am told he will lose his seat triggering a new Election in the Northern Islands. I have family on that Island and from the little I do hear the Island’s are coming together as people like you and I to get this guy thrown out of Politics and it is very likely he will lose his seat then in turn giving the SNP 57 Westminster seats. The count saw 9,407 votes for Mr Carmichael. But that was only marginally ahead of the 8,590 in SNP ‘s Danus Skene favour, in what was widely regarded as a two-horse race between the Lib Dems and SNP. Perhaps surprisingly, Conservative candidate Donald Cameron finished third, with 2,025 – ahead of the 1,625 votes cast for Labour’s Gerry McGarvey. UKIP candidate Robert Smith commanded 1,082 votes across Orkney and Shetland.



The landscape before and after last may

The landscape before and after last may

Alistair Carmichael deliberately misled a Cabinet Office inquiry over the leak of a memo on Nicola Sturgeon’s view of May’s general election to save his political career, an election court in Edinburgh has been told. Jonathan Mitchell QC told the hearing that the former Scottish secretary failed until 12 May to tell an investigation that he authorised the so-called Frenchgate memo to be leaked, five days after he narrowly saved his seat of Orkney and Shetland.

Carmichael admitted to the court that he did not tell the inquiry set up by the Cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, that he authorised the leak by his aide Euan Roddin when he was sent a short questionnaire in mid-April. It was an “act of untruthfulness,” Carmichael said. The Liberal Democrat MP, who faces being stripped of his seat if found to have breached the Representation of the People’s Act 1983, admitted he had “contemplated being less wholly truthful” to the investigation. Carmichael said: “I felt I could truthfully say I didn’t leak it.”

His evidence came on the first day of a resumed election court case brought by four Orkney and Shetland constituents, all of whom support other political parties and have raised £127,000 through crowd-funding to retain Mitchell, who is active in the pro-independence group Lawyers for Yes, and pay legal costs. Carmichael held his seat with a dramatically reduced majority, cut from 9,928 in 2010 down to 817, after the Scottish National party won 56 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster constituencies. The group taking him to court hope to force a byelection in the Lib Dems’ only Westminster seat left in Scotland.

They allege Carmichael won by lying about his role in the leak, involving a detailed Scotland Office memo which alleged that Sturgeon, the first minister, told the French ambassador Sylvie Bermann that she actually wanted David Cameron, the Conservative leader, to win the general election. Its claims were vehemently denied by Sturgeon and rejected by Bermann’s then consul general in Edinburgh, Pierre Alain Coffinier. Two days after it was published by the Daily Telegraph, Carmichael implied on Channel 4 News he had no knowledge of the leak or the memo’s existence.

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