Poem: Learning to be a parent


Just my views on learning to be a parent. We never stop learning. Always I have people say “Shaun, you think too deeply” Yet sometimes people say “Shaun you hit that guy a bit hard” You get it all in life. Often, me, just me, I feel like I don’t belong on this Earth with this species, this species makes no sense to me. I am a watcher, I observe in the same way Billy Connolly or any people like him do and then show it in my way. Often I sit alone in my car in a traffic jam and I see people, almost everyone is unhappy. But once in a while someone smiles back. This doesn’t mean we found a new friend or a new love, it’s a person finding a person just like them. I used to think I was unique, different, but for the wrong reasons. It took a wise man and a wise woman to teach me being different isn’t always a bad thing. Today I smile, tomorrow is a guess, yesterday is gone.

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I see people STRUGGLE through life as I walk it, well walk when I can 😀 But really what is it with people? Some show so much emotion it’s untrue. Singer song writers do it the most, people we pay to hear or see. Movie stars too. But when it comes to our own lives all that magical love goes away. This is the question I ask today. I do it with a smile, I do it with love and a protective wing. Why are people so ugly inside? I  guess one day that question will be answered. For now I am a poet and I certainly don’t know it..

You seen the light, I picked you up

Had to ask, silly me. There I was

You in my arms, a kid with a kid

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


You grew up and made me do the same

Often I think ‘Shame’ as it had to end this way

Tomorrow the love is the same, it’s just different

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Every time you fell I picked you up

When you failed I said try again

When you won I said well done

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Being a parent isn’t easy, that I learn

The loss hits you, really hurts.

You found a love I did once

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


6 became 5 and 5 will become 4

It hits you hard and it’s hard to stand

The World screams coward, I see love

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


It takes a man to cry they say

So today I am that man, I am happy

All I hope and pray is you stay happy

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


When the winds of time they do change

They pick us up and scatter us afar

Took my breath away, but we learn

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Now 6 to 4 and we change our aim

Never say shame, never be unhappy

Be happy you were there, not what is lost

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


My focus changes, I cry a lot, honestly

People say men shouldn’t cry, I don’t

Challenge me with your anger and you lose

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Life is the anger, not people. Confusion reigns

Sit down, shut up, have a drink, then smile again

Two little girls are now my keep, because I think deep

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Know I love you all, but I need to go now

I need a new view, new ways, I dream a lot

Today I live my dreams, you are here and welcome

I wouldn’t change a thing, ever


Someone said they would change a loved one

I ask that person to not change, be you, remain you

Life can change us all, the person who loved you

Well they loved you for the way you are today, don’t change

If things need changed, I will change them………


More Love – Less Hate 


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8 comments on “Poem: Learning to be a parent

  1. Hi Shaun — it’s been awhile. I like your poem and the sentiments you share here. I can see you have a lot of struggles going on inside in similar ways like me. I share your choice to choose love and peace in it all.

    One thing I would ask you to consider in the questions of magical love and learning to be a parent, “Can you picture yourself as a little boy and be with him as a loving parent, gentle and tender as you do with your children?”

    It’s something I’ve tried to do myself and I’m still learning. I think all the anger and hate we see around us is the inner child inside trying to get our attention and give he/she some sort of unconditional love.

    I’m glad to see you’re well and continuing to write and share your heart. 🙂

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