The Scottish Yes Movement For Dummies


How the 2 vote Scottish 2016 Election works is below. Also, think who the “Dummies” are at the end. Things are so bad just now the title of this blog will offend someone, why? Seriously we must look and ask why people are so easily offended these days, often some are just waiting to be offended, this is not a Scotland I grew up in nor is it the Scotland I see in my day to day, you? Do know however as I write this I want the EXACT same as any person wanting a free Scotland. I write about our World so by natural order I will try and show my own Country the evil’s of our World, but we can leave that for now and focus on the Election. So in around 6 Months time Scotland will go to the polls for the 3rd year in a row, by now we must be the most politically aware nation on Earth. We have grown; we are starting to understand the World around us also. We are an oppressed Nation about to walk freely into an oppressed World. Personally I think when we are free we can become a background noise to the World while trading well and become prosperous. My view of a free Scotland is different from yours and yours mine, we all have a free Scotland in our mind, what changes is in what way it actually will be, what will a free Scotland become? Around 2012 when it was announced there would be a referendum, my first thought was “What if we become like Northern Ireland in the bad days” If we like it or not this is the issue at the heart of our movement. We have the Nationalists and we have the Unionists. We all see the hatred, we all hear the hatred and we feel it also.

Do we carry this together?

Do we carry this together?

Often when Unionist hate talks I ask myself “Do they see us yes voters as evil and hatred” See when we share images or quotes even flags, these images invoke a response in the yes movement and the Unionist. This I have seen so much it is untrue. When I blogged SNP & Yes voters – Working for what NO voters were promised #Irony I received a lot of abuse but also a lot of people saying “I didn’t see it that way till today” Yet this is still what we are trying to do. I guess maybe I could be wrong and say we are not still fighting for the Unionist’s cause; we are fighting to free Scotland regardless of the hatred we see, hear and feel. I see No voters wearing Yes T-Shirts every day in these groups and in all the places my ramblings end up all over the social media spectrum. I even asked the question Has the ‘Yes Movement’ been derailed.

Coins in a jam jar

We must look each other in the eye and become 1

How the Scottish Election Voting works

#There are 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)

#There are two ways an MSP can be elected.

#Each elector (voter) has two votes.

#Scotland is divided into 73 constituencies and each constituency elects one MSP.

#These are known as constituency MSPs and are elected by ‘first past the post’ in exactly the same way as MPs are elected to Westminster. #This is the elector’s ‘first vote’.

#The ‘second vote’ is used to elect 56 additional members.

#Scotland is divided into 8 parliamentary Regions and each region elects 7 regional MSPs.

#In the second vote the voter votes for a party rather than a candidate. The parties are then allocated a number of additional members to make the overall result more proportional. The regional MSPs are selected from lists compiled by the parties.

#These MSPs are also sometimes referred to as List MSPs.

Ask why we see this mask Scotland

Ask why we see this mask Scotland

Above is what we have to deal with Scotland. Many didn’t know we have 2 votes next year. Tommy Sheridan even said “Use 2 votes for the SNP” Please; if I am wrong correct me. With our 2 votes we must vote SNP with both. If Scotland is awake and aware of the World around us we have the ability to almost free ourselves on Thursday 5th May 2016. If we wipe the decks and don’t listen to certain main stream media, if we understand why we want a free Scotland, if we FULLY understand what we are voting away from, if we are a country of knowledge who actually invented the modern World, we will and can free Scotland on this day. Freedom won’t happen that day, but it will get us near the finishing line.

2 SNP Votes and we are free sooner #Simple

2 SNP Votes and we are free sooner #Simple

Sadly I fear the good people in many Scottish groups who STOP the freedom of expression and speech by deleting it because they think they have some glowing reference to speak for the entire Scottish Yes movement; they are in fact stopping the very thing we want to be, free to speak, to grow, free to be Scottish. A free Scotland has to be a better Scotland for everyone, not a divided Scotland. The thought of being in a Free Scotland under the circumstances that exist today amongst Scottish people does not appeal to me and I know many higher profile speakers, writers and bloggers feel the same as I do, we see the division and we speak and blog, talk about it, so why do some delete this? We know it is happening, we see the people deleting things or having a remark seconds after it’s posted saying harsh words making people look away from the truth, Scotland I urge you to at least look for this as it is there. We are being divided by the very thing we are trying to escape. All this week, and rightly so our hearts and minds have been on the people of France. But something else happened this week in Scotland. Scotland and its people started to see the utter corruption in our World, and we know Westminster is at the very heart of this.  Scotland we must get out of this Union. The World I had in mind when my partner and I had two Daughters who are now early School age is not happening, in-fact it’s getting worse.

Hope this is ok to share..

Hope this is ok to share..

We are controlled, and I can back this up with the knowledge we already have from a certain TV news station’s lies, a station that has global appeal. We must become one; we must stop huffing when items we don’t like are posted. I saw 2 people leave 2 groups this week over a blog I done. Really, so now these 2 people are losing sleep over others opinions almost. If I see something I don’t agree with I do 1 of 2 things, I say why or I walk on past. We must learn to live with each other and allow the knowledge we need to be free delivered through the medium of the Internet. Why? Because this is our last freedom Scotland. The World is a very evil and nasty place. Often we see acts of love and kindness and it makes us feel like the World is the Utopia we all want, sadly that is a pipe dream. When we look to the World and we see what is really happening, for me and others, that is 1 of many reasons why we vote YES!..YOU?

This image here could be the story to free us

This image here could be the story to free us

Think about all that…



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  2. Well said in an easy to understand. I think there are a lot of people out there that still don’t get the 2nd vote….I would say because it’s not been explained in simple terms. Can I reblog please. ?

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  3. Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    Shaun has put it in the simplest form – we have 2 votes – 1st vote is for the constituency, which is like the general election, we vote for the person/ MSP standing for our area – 2nd vote is for the party. Personally I’m going to vote for the MSP that is representing SNP & my 2nd vote is SNP.

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