Day after the Scottish referendum – We must be Reminded for 2016

This was the message the No vote carried. #Racism

This was the message the No vote carried. #Racism #Sectarianism #Hate

I remember sitting at around 8pm hours before the Polls closed when Kay Burley from Sky News asked an ‘SNP politician at a hall in Glasgow “How do you feel now that you lost” The SNP Politician asked back “How do you know this, the polls are open for a few hours yet” So it was strange for sure. Below I have 3 different reactions. The hate, the hope and the fear. I say again ‘Hope over fear’ In 2016 we have a chance to free Scotland from Westminster by filling Holyrood with Nationalist’s. People who don’t hate, people who have REAL RATIONAL reasons for wanting Whitehall separation. As we are 6 Months away from the 2 vote’s Scottish Elections we must look back, look at the lies, the anger, the hate, the sorrow, looking at our kids and fearing for their future. Allow these 2 video’s and images to burn into you soul, so when the next vote happens we are in more knowledge, the Yes groups MUST stop hating each other. I say the people of Scotland will free Scotland. Below Alex Salmond spoke and said these exact words “It’s not about me, David Cameron, the SNP, it’s about Scotland’s future” We need REAL leaders in Scotland, real people with real emotions, I give you 3 right here, 2 showing humility, 1 after winning an Austerity vote…Let us not let the other one down next time.


All we see here is love, hope and REAL! You won’t see other Politicians doing this

A real human moment

A real human moment

Ian Duncan Smith after making the poor poorer vote. This is evil. Scotland want's this?

Ian Duncan Smith after voting the poor poorer. This is evil. Scotland want’s this?


[VIDEO] Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!
Alex Salmond tried like many to get people to see sense

How many voted in selfish mode for TODAY or for THAT DAY without thinking about tomorrow or 20/50/100 years from now. One thing I can say 100% here is WE WILL BE FREE BEFORE MY DAUGHTERS HIT HIGH SCHOOL. Both are 5 and 6, Primary 1 and 2, Scotland will be free long before they go to High School aged 12 or 13. We must now Scotland start a new Yes movement, we must come together. Please watch both video’s and also ask “If we are better together, then why did they have to tell us so” We are not better, nowhere in the UK are we better off. The entire UK is suffering and I see and hear that human cost loud and clear. But I am Scottish born and I want a free Scotland. The silent majority that beat us with a 5% swing will be gone by the year 2020. We must allow the circle of life to happen. As I said many times. From 2014 to 2020 we gain 6 years of youthful voters who voted Yes at 70%+, we SADLY lose 6 years of over 65’s who voted No at 70%+, and before you pull that card on me, I could lose both my parents by 2020. See this isn’t about me, you, my parents, your parents, it’s about balance and fairness.

The voice of a VERY DECENT England lad

The voice of a VERY DECENT England lad

I have two wee princess’s here. Do you have young kids? Will you be able to look them in the eye and tell them why you voted whatever way you did when in years to come they ask? I give up on the haters. One of my best mates voted no, he had his reasons, I respect them and we remain friends. I have family who voted no, I still love them. But the people who voted no that I know, I would say 90% regret their no vote, they see the lies now, they see the Austerity cuts now, pensioners lost, the poor lost, people committed suicide, Scotland can stand alone fiscally and if I have to tell you why I don’t think you deserve a vote as you CLEARLY have no idea what you are voting for. With the budget we do get we are 10x better off than our English and Welsh friends as it is, so how GOOD can we become free? I can’t wait for the day I can stand up in a free Scotland knowing my kids have a GOOD LIFE AHEAD. Free from hatred and lies. See Scotland has become the World’s most Politically aware nation. 2020 sounds good to me.. So look again Scotland and decide again Scotland. Think of Scotland, not your Bank account or other selfish reasons

The day after the Scottish referendum – George Square in Glasgow
Via KeenVisionVideos on You Tube

The reaction from the winners of the Referendum vote, Happy? What do you see? I see hate














HATE! NAZI Salute right in-front of police, captured in this image



Pro-union protestors chant and wave Union Flags during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow...Pro-union protestors chant and wave Union Flags during a demonstration at George Square in Glasgow, Scotland September 19, 2014. Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum on Thursday, saving a union dating back over 300 years but ushering in a period of intense bargaining over Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron's pre-vote pledges to give Scots more say over their own affairs. REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton (BRITAIN - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS CIVIL UNREST)




The reaction from people who wanted to leave the British Union on that night


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Mary Pitcaithly, Chief counting officer, announces the result of the Scottish referendum on independence at the count centre for the Scottish referendum at Ingleston Hall on September 19, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The majority of Scottish people have today voted “No” in the referendum and Scotland will remain within the historic union of countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Confusion and Rejection..But our day is near


Love..Not hate




We had hope……


..Our Voices were loud……


…Our vision was clear……


..Hardly anyone knew many no voters….


…We were confident and ready…

'Yes' campaign people gather for a rally outside the BBC in Glasgow, Scotland September 14, 2014. The referendum on Scottish independence will take place on September 18, when Scotland will vote whether or not to end the 307-year-old union with the rest of the United Kingdom. REUTERS/Paul Hackett (BRITAIN - Tags: MEDIA POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR465RS

Today we are more confident and 100% ready


He had 2 known meetings with David Cameron in final week before Referendum 

Crowds marching down North Bridge during a pro-Independence march and rally in the Scottish capital. The event, which was staged in support of the pro-Independence movement, was attended by an estimated by approximately 30,000 people. The referendum to decide whether Scotland will become an independent nation will be staged on 18th September 2014.

Hope over fear…….

Scottish Independence supporters at the Hope over Fear Rally in George Square in Glasgow, which is aimed at keeping the momentum of YES supporters going.

The time to stand shoulder to shoulder is near


We know it’s coming…


They can’t stop a force this strong


The message was REALLY simple


We marched around Scotland, we must do so again


Time to come together Scotland

'Scotland till Judgement'

‘Scotland till Judgement’


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14 comments on “Day after the Scottish referendum – We must be Reminded for 2016

  1. our time is coming. we need to confront the evil of sectarianism in this country before we can win. it was a sectarian vote that was at the root of the No vote irrespective of what the media and politicians tell us. everyone seems to be afraid to confront this though for so many and complex reasons shauny. until the scottish media and politicians take a positive stand on this societal cancer, we are facing an uphill struggle,but the problems are not insurmountable.
    we need to stay strong and keep on working to convince everyone we meet that we can and will do this, we deserve better than what we have at the moment. i hate to say this, but from the perspective of independence, the longer the tories are in power, the stronger we become.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said. What we are up against is fierce. But I think we will be free sooner. And it will surprise many of how we become free. Someone pointed it out to me, I don’t and didn’t believe all they said..But the more I look, the more I see it.


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