Then and Now – David Icke destroys Terry Wogan – Was Icke Correct?

Offical photos from TMA's David Icke event, 11th April 2009 @ Melbourne Convention Centre. Photographer: Daniel Brouse - taken from Flickr ftr-3445053668_078bfbb4e1_b.jpg

george-orwell-author-quote-freedom-is-the-right-to-tell-people-whatSomeone asked me on my blog today “If you want to be a credible Blogger you must…” Whatever. I don’t want to blog forever ok. lol “WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS SHAUN” is a question I am well aware many will ask. Lets just say an event is about to happen that is relevant to what is said in the video below. I remember watching this as a young man and laughing at David Icke, as back in 1991 the World was blind, where was no Internet to inform or lie to us. Then years later the Internet came online and throughout the following years David Icke became a household name and much of what he said in 1991 and the following years was proven right. Many believe Alex Jones is real in what he says, for me Alex is a paid Government guy but I could be wrong. David Icke now sells out concert halls all over the World in over 120 Countries I think I read. Icke is a Multi-Millionair and tours telling the World a story they are now seeing as true. I don’t believe the Reptilian story because there is nothing I have seen to make me believe it. He said THEN back in 1991 there would be great Earthquakes and Volcano’s, he said America and the 1st World was owned by a network of families. He said the Mason’s were the very bottom of the ladder of the story. I am not his biggest fan, this video is a few years old. But because the World has changed so much and people are starting to ask questions like “Who does control us” David was the 1st person on record to say “Humans are Sheep” and “The 1% run this World” Make no mistake, Icke stood on his path and today he is to be believed in much of what he said and says. george-orwell-6Why am I posting this today? Well lets just say an awakening is happening on our Earth. I speak to people all over the World, many want to remain Anonymous and that is their way of speaking, I respect that. So here we are, Then and Now. Say what you like about David Icke but he was and is correct in what he said in “I am frustrated Orwell’s 1984 is happening in-front of our eyes” Watch or Don’t watch. I post this to the World but more-so I post this for Scotland, a Nation so awake to the lies in 2015 and waking up.

David Icke destroys Terry Wogan
[VIDEO] Via: ThalassanSpaceMan on You Tube

Mocked to almost Death back in 1991

Mocked to almost Death back in 1991


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