Scotland – A Short Video From Glasgow Proving We Prejudge

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Watch the video, you will see what this video shows us all

2 minutes 20 seconds long video here. I am really sorry I can’t 100% say who made this movie as I got sent it as a raw file. People send me 50 stories be them sites, video’s a day and I honestly don’t write about them all, this one I had too, you will see why, not knowing who to thank here, I used the names at the end and everyone mentioned in this short video Scotland. Nessie, Nancy and Mary are the 3 people names as who made it. This is a video that will start by having you think one thing about Scotland, or to be more precise, a part of Glasgow. I watched this thinking it would be about sectarianism but no, you must watch this to the end, then you will see how our minds are programmed to work. I fell for it, will you? In-fact, all the above could be wrong, forget I said a thing, watch then be honest with yourself, please! Featured Nathan Arbuckle, Peter Ewing, Tyler Marklow, Jane Blakely and Bobby the Dog.

A short film by Nessie Howard, Nancy Humphries & Mary McLellan
A Small video about a part of Glasgow – And how we judge BADLY Scotland



Bridgeton Community Learning Campus

More Love, Less Hate 🙂

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