1.4 Million hits on ShaunyNews – Thank you!! – But this is no brag! #Reasons

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Many people say to me “How do you get so many people liking your blog” I reply with “What if it’s 1.4 Million haters” 😀 Because that is the reality. I never presume all the traffic is one way or in one emotion. Every day almost I think “I want to delete all this” but always my partner tells me to ‘Keep on keeping on’ While I am here I need to say this one thing. If you are part of my life and I have ever upset you or not been there when I should have been, please know I would never on purpose upset you, and I am aware bad things happen in all families and I am never told because I react with hatred and anger. I have many people I love, when they fall, I learn to fall then pick them up through life and learning. I know some family think ‘whatever’ and I don’t blame them. This blog I dislike because I dislike Social Media a lot. Sadly and 1340766134-542291732093769381annoyingly I play the ‘Disabled card’Pathetic or what? But I have to do something, I have to try and change something, I want to do good, I want to try, not just lay in bed all day. Last night 2 people I would take a bullet in the heart for came to visit and I just could not wake up, Chronic pain and Fibro alone are so sore they knock me out cold, not helped by my new M.E, that is ‘Chronic Fatigue’ so when my mind tells me to sleep, I am against a strong wind trying to fart against it almost. Also this week I am a further 28 tablets a week less, 4 a day down as I wean off the Poison from the Dr. Also yesterday an old neighbour from my Childhood moved near me in a house, I am so happy as I now have more friends near to me. Family and friends I love to keep but life has a habit of tearing people apart. I used to try so hard to put my mind into another, my feet into another’s shoes, and I fail. For that I am sorry. But I do live, exist and be friend, Dad, Partner, Son and Brother best I can. Lately many of the people I love tell me “You are more aware Shaun” and I feel this way. Sadly my decision to lower my medication comes at a cost. I may sleep more but when I am awake I am aware. Today I make a vow to re-connect with people I miss and also keep trying to spread REAL human cost knowledge so my Country Scotland in the cold Northern part of Europe is free from the ever oppressive Government real people with human thoughts want to leave also. I won’t say the word, but sadly we are up against people who have no idea why they vote, they never answer. This is my cause also, and it’s for my kids and yours, for Scotland 100 years from now and more. THE HUMAN COST, and always I do it with no hate, just words other may read wrong. Speaking to each other face to face is something the internet took away from this World, this is why I dislike Social Media, we ALL come across different from how we feel mostly

don-t-hate-what-you-don-t-understand-1To all the people who visit my stupid blog page, thank you. Often a small percent want to hate, I don’t hate back and then in turn they don’t come back. I say again, I share 10% of me on Social Media, if I shared it all I don’t know what reaction I would get, although I won’t test that 😀 1.4 Million on ShaunyNews. Before I had 800,000 on ‘PrayingForOneDay’ My last blog about being disabled, I had to stop because the more you think of being ill, the more you are ill, you are inviting the pain in. So why do I write? I write because I am a pacifist, socialist and Nationalist of my proud nation here in Scotland. I want peace, we will never reach ‘Utopia, but lets try, I always try to understand every blog I do so if I am asked questions about it I can answer. I say ‘More love, less hate’ and I do so in a Global sense yet it gets mocked closer to home, but the ability to just let hate go is a virtue we all should try and duplicate & replicate. I have love, family and friends when the PC is off, so that statement is for and to the World. A World I sadly research to the point I want to stop, but then I think “Someone has to try” And I do as do MILLIONS if not Billions do too around our World. There is a hive of people like me with no names, some with names trying to give information freely to those who in other circumstances would not get the information. I share what is already there, I tell the story that if you opened Google and searched, you would find. Once more, thank you for being part of my journey, my life and my thoughts. Be you dislike me or not is not important, it’s the people I do help and who help me that count. The stories are stories, in the end the Human cost is all I care about. And I guess I always will. If you know me as say? My partner knows me you will know Music is my life away from life, it used to be Football, today I am learning Guitar and re-starting singing lessons, so maybe one day I can write a song about the way I see the World. Now that would be something, #LivingTheDream as me and my son’s always joke about. Till then, I thank you all for just being yourselves and joining me on my journey as I do with many of you. 1.4 Million is no brag, it’s well over 2.3 Million when I add all the sites, Google+, Tumblr and so on. It’s not about numbers, it’s about the effects of ‘More love, Less hate’ How can I be anything else with 2 little princess’s 5 and 6 years old in my home? When you have two small girls in your home as many will know, it’s impossible to hate. I can never shout at them or discipline them, I just can’t lose my temper with small people 🙂

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These numbers I appreciate but they are not my goal. My goal is simple and I say it to the World often, it is below in red, I see suffering the World over, War’s created that create death and displacement of people, Genocide happens DAILY on Earth, also I fight hard to give knowledge of the Human cost of my Country Scotland attached to the British Union and I NEVER hate, choice of words can seldom come across as hate, but this is why I dislike Social Media, font is hard to feel the meaning, also I have a group HERE where we help each other, people with all kinds of Chronic Illness, it’s my small way of looking in the mirror and saying “I AM TRYING” Also, one song sticks out to me just now. The lyrics for this song are how I feel today. What my disability did to not just me, but the ones I love, I can only try and show people I am not the monster I once was. But the phrase ‘Mud Sticks’ I do feel often. All people need know is I truly love them, with no conditions attached or expected back. It’s ALL on me, I am the lucky one because I can find a place in my mind and soul where I am at one with this World, where I can feel it. A wise old guy tells me always ‘I cry for Humanity’ As I grew older I felt his words more, each day as night turns to day and back again I see the wrong’s I did, but I was not the person I am today. The same old wise man told me “It’s not what we were, it’s what we become through our deeds” And it was said with love, and this is a wise old man nobody in Scotland would look at the wrong way. What does that say? Anyway, this song…

James Blunt- Give Me Some Love (Lyrics)
[VIDEO] Via Mausipupsie on You Tube
A song’s lyrics I indetify with with my disablity

These song speaks for me today, the 1 below too, but not in a good way. But I am a believer in the fact days and moods change, I know others suffer, please understand I aware of this and this is the reason I keep blogging, simply to try and help and spread the love of Humanity that exists should we look and try, some people are so sad I want to reach out, sadly their hatred bites your hand, again! No hate, just observation. So the numbers don’t matter, the fact people visit and join me are the reasons, but I define the reasons. Here is to more truth seeking, soul seeking and looking for a World that makes sense. I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but show me a person who is liked by all I will show you a liar, people don’t exist in only the good, no matter how hard we/they try, we always have dislike and hate. Learning to live with that is what I did, I reflect and learn through reflection. Anyway, thanks for reading. This song is about a man who did wrong, but is trying to put things right. I hope you like it. I am usually posting UB40, Bob Marley or Eminem for example.

James Blunt – Sun On Sunday [Unplugged]
[VIDEO] Via James Blunt on You Tube





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