BREAKING NEWS! As I Said on WWIII – Turkey ‘JUST’ downed a Russian warplane


First time a NATO Member has shot down a Russian jet since the 195’s, Already a dead Russian pilot has been seen with ISIS Rebels celebrating his death (Not Confirmed 100%)  This is very serious, Putin is about to brief the news (If they show it) live on TV. Russia could now go and Bomb a NATO Country and WWIII begins in the sense we thought it would be. I believe WWIII has begun. 60+ Countries were at War in WWII, fast forward to 2015 and there are over 151 Countries at or at in some kind of War with only 11 not at War, THIS JUST CHANGED!! I reported the Neutron Bomb dropped on Yeman a few months back and not many if any news sources in the West reported this. Do not underestimate how bad this is, Russia could use Nuclear and then we are all gone in the blink of an eye…This is bad folks and all leading from the research I have been doing for 2 years now. I and MANY others tried to warn the people of the World. Video’s and Tweets below. This has JUST happened as I type at almost 11am UK time. January 24th I researched this: WWIII is on the Horizon – More Counties at War today than in WWII! Adding Today in 2015 out of 162 countries, 151 of the world’s nations are currently involved in some form of conflict, meaning only 11 countries have peace as I write this

This is it folks 😦

Confirmed: Turkey shot down Russian SU 24 combat fighter
Via Dave Acton Checking In on You Tube
This guy here tells this story I blogged a while back!


Israeli Air Force Drop Neutron Bomb in Yemen? Saudi Arabia implicated (Video)

Neutron Bomb Israeli Air Force
I reported this on May 26th this year


Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet near Syrian Border
[VIDEO] Via Pete Lasow on You Tube


Watch Sky News Live here



Nato-member Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane in the first time the alliance and Moscow have come to blows directly over the crisis in Syria. Ankara and Moscow gave conflicting accounts of the incident, which appears to have occurred in an area near the Turkish-Syrian border straddling Iskenderun and Latakia.

The Turkish military said it scrambled two F-16 fighter jets after a plane penetrated Turkish airspace in the province of Hatay at 9.20am on Tuesday morning, warning it to leave 10 times in five minutes before it was shot down.

Live Russian fighter jet downed near Turkey-Syria border – live updates
Follow live updates after a Russian jet was downed near Turkey’s border with Syria. It was unclear if the plane was shot down by the fighter jets or by ground-based defence systems. Russia’s defence ministry, in a series of tweets, confirmed a Russian SU-24 had been shot down, but insisted the plane had never left Syrian airspace.

“At all times, the SU-24 was exclusively over the territory of Syria,” the defence ministry said. “The SU-24 was at 6000 metres and preliminary information suggests it was brought down by fire from the ground. The circumstances are being investigated.” The ministry said preliminary information suggested that the pilots managed to successfully eject from the plane. The Turkish network CNN Turk said that one of the pilots had been captured by local Turkmen tribesmen in the area.

The area near where the plane was shot down is the site of ongoing clashes between forces loyal to the embattled Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, and rebels fighting to overthrow him. Russia launched a military intervention in October aimed at protecting the areas in western Syria still under control by the regime after nearly five years of civil war. The northern Latakia countryside has seen repeated aerial assaults by both the Russian and Syrian air forces.

Shortly after the Russian intervention, Turkey warned the Kremlin that it would not tolerate violations of its airspace, after two incidents that prompted consultations with Nato. Turkey opposes Assad and has condemned the Russian intervention for targeting rebels not affiliated with the terror group Islamic State.

The latest incident highlights the grave risks of clashes of arms between the various international forces that have intervened in Syria. A coalition led by the US is conducting an ongoing campaign against Isis in the country, and American and Russian officials have worked on ensuring there are no clashes between their forces as they pursue their separate campaigns. But the shooting down of the Russian plane is an escalation that leaves open the possibility of an open clash between a Nato member state and Russia, whose intervention shows an increasing assertiveness in international affairs.

~~End Story~~

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8 comments on “BREAKING NEWS! As I Said on WWIII – Turkey ‘JUST’ downed a Russian warplane

  1. Another great post, wish you didn’t have to post it but alas, if you’re not going to tell us what’s going on who will? Worrying time for us all and yet still people will just simply ignore it and go back to watching the xfactor.

    Well done, keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Appreciate your words. Sadly I take no solace in them today. The truth I thought I knew was true…I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, so fast. “Like a thief in the night” I think the saying goes. My work is about to end sadly. I call it work but it really is sharing the obvious. Once not long ago I didn’t want to know, then Disability made me bored and here I am telling the ‘End of the World’ story… You are correct, but people scare easy and today I understand more why they do. I have two little girls here, my partner, 2 sons, parents, family, friends…Same as us all. I want to speak to them all at once…It’s that bad mate…



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