The Reality Of Blogging. We shout over each other, it’s 8ull$h1t

southpaw-trailer-pic-pecsAll it is for me these days is Bullshit. Sure words help but really? It’s all bullshit. Words trying to overlap words, people trying to write and talk over each other. Imagine Blogging was real voices, the logic that that implies is ‘we are just all shouting out over each other’, that is blogging. Many blog for numbers or hits, me? I am just amazed 1.4 Million people read my bullshit. Most days I want to stop blogging so I can live in a reality then I understand words can be spoken and written just for me. Often I just write for me, if others read then cool, thanks for reading. But in reality, it’s just all bullshit. People clamouring over each other to be the big blogger or small bloggers like me. We all need an outlet so Blogging allows that, but go back to the start here, we are all just shouting over each other, messages get lost and realities get unseen because we are drawn in sight to other areas. When I started to write for the Scottish Yes Movement I REALLY thought I could make a difference, today I sit and I know it’s just people speaking and shouting and hating over each other. I am not out of blogging just yet, but when 2 events happen I stop. 1. I am ready to be life again and 2. My dislike of Social Media hits me so hard I stop. For now I write for tomorrow. If you read this thank you, if you want to reply, thank you. In reality it’s all just bullshit. People thinking they are Kings and Queens because they have a group with 100 or 10,000 people in it. Reality is best served when we tone it down and share the truth always. If an idiot like me can do this, my dog could. Social Media I GENUINELY DISLIKE A LOT


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Often we hear “We learn every day” or “We live and learn” But for some reason when people show they have changed, learnt better, it is denied to us all. The internet is not a freedom; the internet is hate and bullshit. Real life I used to say “We see individual acts of love and kindness” Just this week a family member needed help and I stepped up for them and will again. So real life works for me the more I come off this fucking medication. People say “You write well” I will say thank you but then say “No I don’t write well” Last night I watched ‘Southpaw’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the beautiful Rachel McAdams this is how I vent’ Because this is all it is. Soon I will be gone from all this and back with the living. But a Free Scotland will be my cause always. No matter what I will see a free Scotland.


90bb47958fed9fba546adaf6fc8993c6Till that day, let’s allow each other to talk. I have a battle for life today and if I give in I die, so I must become more. I am almost at the stage where I can see who I will become but I am a way away yet. The medication I am on is 20% of what it was. So I wake up every day understanding more, knowing more and seeing more. I am irony as I type, but aren’t we all? I can’t wait till the day people say “Where is Shauny” on the Internet. I need to stand up when I fall, I do it alone, I work alone. Sure I have help, but to stand up when you are carrying yourself is something. I will do it, so will Scotland. In the meantime I must find sources of inspiration, only then will I be complete. I have my mind, I don’t do fear or scared, I am past these feelings in life, people hate everyday, I look at it and go do something else, others should learn the World, like the internet is a bad place and if we allow it will keep us on the floor. We must dictate our own futures then come together as 1 and take our World back. Then I am out of here. This is a means to an end, something I must do before I take on life again. People mock and I smile, people hate and I smile, but I don’t take it.

How hard is peace of mind? VERY EASY!

How hard is peace of mind? VERY EASY!

Choice to not take hate is our’s to have and own FIND YOUR REASONS FOR BEING or just remain a sheep and be Groundhog day for life. I can’t do that, so? Who loses sleep over an other in this pretense, in these circumstances? Think about it. I watched this movie yesterday and like Movies and Music do to me, they inspire. I am a 42 year old disabled lad, I can’t fight no more. But I can stand up, that is all I am trying to do here. I want to fight for a free Scotland but 1st I need a voice and strength of mind. I have courage, I just need that soap box, then I live

Southpaw Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams Movie HD
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November 20th 2014 – Finding Nirvana



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4 comments on “The Reality Of Blogging. We shout over each other, it’s 8ull$h1t

  1. You have to do what’s best for you, and only you know what that is. I’m glad getting off your medication is helping you. If you need to work toward the day when you are no longer blogging, then that is what you need to do.

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    • Yeah, it’s UTTERLY boring now. No matter what we share, nobody cares. It’s a pointless exercise. STILL people want to watch the BBC or Fox News and get told Russia is a bad place. Who Funds ISIS? Search my blog for ‘Funding ISIS’ And don’t believe me, believe the proof I supplied…As for the World I am just happy for me and my kids I am in Scotland. We die slower when it happens…
      Thanks… lol

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