How Words From 75 Years Ago Tell The War Story of 2015


Look back over World history and War, Murder is the only constant. I think we have all seen this video by now, the images pull at our hearts, it’s from The Great Dictator (1940) where Charlie Chaplin plays Hitler but loses his speech so makes it up as he goes and this speech became immortal. Hate is easy, to be hate is easy, to be love and kindness takes effort when hate is in your face. I smile back at hate. Why? Because hate must end somewhere. We all know the story, we all knew Westminster would vote to Bomb who? People who have no base, no Country, ISIS are in our streets and Cities. I ask simply to all the World, not just Scotland. Lay down hate, lay down Bibles and just love and help. The images in this video represent TODAY, yet the voice and words are 75 years old. The truth of this speech if you research is Charlie Chaplin forgot his lines and decided to spontaneously just say what came from his heart. Keep in mind this was an American Movie star back in WWII. What can we do as a species to stop this? The questions are hard but the answers are oh so very easy. No hate, it’s too late to change this path but lets change the path after that. I beg you drop hate. I beg you find a way to spread love. Then maybe we can all come together. This is a powerful video, the words are amazing but the images in the background are something else. Please watch and share if you can. Let us fight for a different World, because today we have lost our way, we allow others to kill in our names be we like it or not. Find that place in your heart where this is normal to share and to talk about. I tire of hate so I smile back, and it’s very hard to do this. Can you? Look in the Mirror and see what you see. I ask any politicians who I will share this with to act in human ways not fiscal ways.

A Message For All Of Humanity – Charlie Chaplin
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