BREAKING: Russia’s Huge Announcement That Will Change WWIII

9nato-rus-flag-720x340I wrote about this last week in this blog called Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members and we are about to hear Russia and see Russia prove to the World that the West, USA and her allies are funing ISIS. If this is true and it’s been the story for almost a year if you have been reading what I share on this story. Again I will share images and tweets from people around the World. It comes after what is a huge stunning announcement late last night by the Russian Foreign Minister, Russia presented direct evidence of Turkey buying illegal oil from the black market supporting terrorists. In this video we go over the important revelations by the Russians, its consequences and shift of the geo political field. When I Blogged WWIII back in November 20, 2012 called As we head towards a world we won’t recognise it seems the signs we all seen were right. This is a planned war for reasons I am yet to fully understand. If the West does support and fund ISIS and Obama and others have said it, Russia and China won’t sit back and take the West destroying the World much longer. This is worse than bad, this is leading to all out War on all our streets. Prepare for the worst and hope you don’t need to put it all into effect. But start preparing. Here in Scotland all the Nuclear Weapons owned by Britain are mostly in Scotland as well as other bases, my Country will thankfully be hit 1st. Others will live through god only knows what. This is real, this is happening. Go over my blog, search ‘WWIII’ and you will see it. Also, always important to do your own research.


BREAKING: Russia’s Huge Announcement That Will Change The War
[VIDEO] Via WeAreChange On You Tube


russia putin war8


Obama Admits USA Training ISIS – I Been On This Story A Year – Proof!
[VIDEO] Via: kytekutter on You Tube


Retired General McInerney Says ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right?
[VIDEO] Via: Libertas Bell on You Tube


Before he died he said 'Al Qaeda was not what we were told

Before he died he said ‘Al Qaeda was not what we were told


The World can see them, yet this almost Presidential ISIS image wasn’t blown up..Why?


Alleged 3 Mile Convoy of ISIS, WHO FUNDS THIS?


I don’t think we can deny the truth now


The War Zone. But ISIS live Globally in our Cities


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