Captured ISIS Leader Makes ‘Alleged’ Confession About Barack Obama

I never claim any news I share is 100% but hard research creates more than educated opinions we can share. I am not going to sit and type long winder speculation, instead I will share 9 links to blogs I did and 3 videos, and 1 of these videos confuse the World, never mind the USA. All the research is here, so if you want to see the truth, it’s all here. As usual people will moan and complain, Americans deny, but its all here, again. Why have several ranking officers now said out loud “The USA Funds ISIS” And also Obama said it. Stranger still John Kerry telling the people of the USA to side with Islam through scripture. Tons of links and tweets from others below, it’s ALL here.

John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations
 [VIDEO] That not 1 American can answer for – I don’t blame them


9 blogs I did- At the bottom all blogs are 3 more on same story


UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria

Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

Obama Admits USA Training ISIS – I Been On This Story A Year – Proof!

U.S. General Openly Admits ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right

The final truth Muslim Brotherhood is in USA Government and fund ISIS?

Iran Claims Two British Planes Shot Down in Iraq Carrying USA Weapons for ISIS Terrorists

ISIS/Islamic State Commander hints cash and training are Coming From the USA!!!!

America Funds Terrorism! McCain and ISIS. I Was Right!



Captured ISIS leader Yousaf al-Salafi has confessed that the Islamic State is being funded by the U.S. government. America has been suspicious of the Obama Administration’s treason without concrete evidence – until now. You’re shocked? Really?

ISIS Leader Admits We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration
[VIDEO] Via Realism on You Tube


What else is there to say? None of this is new, yet thousands and thousands of Americans will watch the video below in shock and disbelief. Then, they will continue to do what they do best… nothing. A few weeks ago, a post titled Obama Ushers In Armageddon to America, provided a list of the 45 Goals of the Soviet Union to bring about the complete destruction of the United States. The list was published in 1958 during the cold war. After looking at the post for all of 30 seconds, the reader can count the goals that are highlighted in BRIGHT RED, and should take notice that Obama and his band of clapping seals in today’s Democrat Party have already accomplished about 30 out of the 45 goals. There is no debate to be had, go look.



2012 DIA document creating ISIS

There have been many people like myself and countless others, from all walks of life, who did our homework on Obama years ago, and have been screaming our findings from the rooftops since long before the 2008 election, but our cries continue to fall on deaf ears. Lawmakers Have Come Forward Stating, “The Obama’s Are a Made-Up Family,” formed solely for the purpose of getting Obama into the White House. No matter how many times it gets brought to light that “Fundamentally Transforming” America Literally Follows the Communist Manifesto to the Tee, Obama has continued his tyrannical reign with impunity.

Blog is above

Blog is above

Politicians will be politicians, and that will never change. As such, they will say or do whatever is necessary to retain their coveted positions of power, which is why we see them pander to anyone, even groups like Black Lives Matter, Whose Protesters Are Actively Endorsing Killing Police. while Obama remains silent. Like any drug addict, politicians’ addiction to their power is understandable, however detestable it may be. What is NOT understandable, is the sickening level of ignorance the common every day American is content to live in.


Not one of Obama’s clapping seals who are voting in favor of the deal with Iran can name anything that the United States GAINS from the deal. Nothing. A recent poll revealed 1/3 of Americans Support a Military Coup of the Obama Administration to Oust Obama, so clearly Americans KNOW that Obama is a bad actor, but everyone wants someone else to handle it. Americans have become so damn self-absorbed, petty, and uninformed, that they have no clue that the barrel of Obama’s big government gun has them square in its sights. By the time the full effect of the Obama Presidency is felt, Americans will be in so much pain they won’t know what hit them. How have we become a nation so content with ignorance. It’s sickening.

How many more times does it need to be said before the sleeping giant awakens? Obama is NOT playing for the team that says America on the front. Do MILLIONS need to die before that simple fact is conceded, and people become willing to take action? Right now, the TREATY that is being unconstitutionally RAMMED down our throats even as I type this, is such an act of TREASON, that recently a Former Federal Prosecutor Has Said That Legally Speaking, There is NO DEBATE: Obama and Those in Congress Supporting the Deal Are Guilty of Treason. Open and shut. The end. Period.

Allegedly, Americans are demanding this

Allegedly, Americans are demanding this

Either we the people stop Obama, or Obama stops the American way of life forever. It’s quite possible we’ve passed the point of no return already. That’s not “rhetoric” either, so don’t go there. Anyone who has taken the time to be well informed, knows all too well that is not “rhetoric.” The links above highlight only a tiny fraction of what is going on. The Obama administration is engaged in SO many unconstitutional and illegal acts right now (even former Secret Serviceman Dan Bongino has said as much), that personally, I’ve given up trying to bring many of them to light simply because Americans can’t even get the basics down yet, much less the complicated things.





As Americans, we are signing our own death warrants, and we are selling our children and grandchildren into slavery, and we are whistling Dixie as we do it. It’s disgusting. As the end of Obama’s “scheduled” term in office closes in, watch for the police state to continue to squeeze our throats tighter and tighter. it would be best for people to make an effort to learn some of the Tactics US Citizens Could Use to Take Down the Oversized Military Police State. The following video is from that post. People need to wake up. Please

The right to defend freedom
[VIDEO] Via or97035 on You Tube [2010]

Al-Salafi’s testimony to Pakistani officials is very damning for Obama and his hidden agenda to support ISIS and the destabilization of the Middle East and Europe. The U.S. banking system has been allowed to filter funds to ISIS under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration.

An argument of ignorance on behalf of the Obama Administration is irrelevant. Our government has the resources to track and record every phone call and email in America every day. In the past, we have frozen billions of dollars belonging to terrorist countries at a moment’s notice.



Kerry has dinner with Assad…..

The real question here is not, “what will congress do about it.” We already know they will do nothing. Boehner and McConnell sold out long ago. The real question is, “how do we – the American people, people globally – take back our governments before Obama and friends succeed in destroying us all.”


…Then this happened. Go Reaserch

Source: Conservative Post


~~~End Story~~~ 




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