Breaking – *Possible* ISIS Attack – Neenah, WI, USA – Hostage Situation


This is literally just breaking. I have to thank Audrey Elmes, a facebook friend and fellow ‘Truth Finder’ for this story. She sent me it from RT. I shared from elsewhere. As always I leave tons of Tweets from the global twitter community. A hostage situation I am reading is happening, no news of fatalities but ISIS have had a mention also. I am NOT saying this is ISIS But 2 days after ISIS did kill in the USA, the obvious reaction to people at the scene and beyond is one of human thinking “This is ISIS” I pray it is not ISIS, but either way people are at risk again here. This is developing as I type, I will add updates to this post below. Please don’t be ISIS again too soon. If you pray? Then pray……..



Police are monitoring a high-risk incident in the city of Neenah, Wisconsin. Local media report an active shooter has barricaded himself inside a shop and taken hostages.

Neenah PD is monitoring a high risk incident in the 200 Blk of Main St. There has been a report of at least one possible shot fired,” the police said on their Facebook page.

Police responding to ‘high-risk incident’ in Neenah, WI, fears of hostages taken
Via on You Tube

At the same time, local WBAY-TV 2 reports an active hostage situation. Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah has been put on alert and is expecting to receive two patients, the station adds.

A police officer may be among those injured, according to NBC26.


FOX 11 reports a heavy police presence outside the Eagle Nation Cycles shop. Several law enforcement agencies have responded, the SWAT Team among them.

A number of homes and businesses in the area have been evacuated.

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RT News – Police responding to ‘high-risk incident’ in Neenah, WI, fears of hostages taken

Canada Online – Police responding to ‘high-risk incident’ in Neenah, WI, fears of hostages taken


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