‘WAS’ California Attack Act Of ‘ISIS Terrorism’? – America Ready For Terror?


Now you have your answer America. Terrorism is to stay longer than 1 day #Sadly

Now you have your answer America. Terrorism is to stay longer than 1 day #Sadly

Could Obama make his POTUS stay longer?

Could Obama make his POTUS stay longer?


Wife and suspect Tashfeen Malik

Wife and ‘suspect Tashfeen Malik

The San Bernardino attackers were “supporters” of Islamic State, claims a news agency affiliated to the extremist organisation. The FBI says Wednesday’s gun massacre in San Bernardino is being probed as an “act of terrorism” as investigators have uncovered evidence of “extensive planning”.

David Bowdich, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said the couple behind the “horrific” attack tried to destroy evidence, including crushing two mobile phones. The husband and wife dumped the devices in a bin near the crime scene, but officials recovered the handsets and are hoping to uncover the suspects’ digital footprint.

Mr Bowdich said neither of the attackers – Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik – was on the intelligence radar, even though they had “telephonic connections” with the subjects of FBI investigations. However, FBI Director James Comey said on Friday there is no current indication the couple were part of a larger organised network, group or cell.

Aamaq, a news agency affiliated with the Islamic State (IS), says the San Bernardino shooters were “supporters” of the extremist group, though it stopped short of claiming responsibility for the attack. It has also emerged Malik praised IS on Facebook as she and her husband began spraying bullets at his colleagues in the county health department. According to law enforcement officials, the Pakistan-born 27-year-old swore allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

A Facebook executive says Malik posted the material under an alias account at 11am on Wednesday. That was about the time she and her husband, 28-year-old Farook, stormed into the social services centre and opened fire with assault weapons, killing 14 people and injuring 21. An attorney for the Farook family told reporters on Friday that the gunman’s relatives said he’d been teased about his beard by colleagues.

Authorities have said Farook and Malik stockpiled 12 pipe bombs, tools to make more explosives and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition at the property. US President Barack Obama spoke on Friday with UK Prime Minister David Cameron about the fight against IS, a day after British bombers made their first strikes on the group in Syria

Now you have your answer America. Terrorism is to stay longer than 1 day #Sadly

Now you have your answer America. Terrorism is to stay longer than 1 day #Sadly


~~End Story~~

Were the California shooters with ISIS?
FBI trying to say “Not ISIS” But both were ISIS Members!
Via CBC News on You Tube

FBI’s Comey Says California Killers Show Signs of Radicalization, Possible Foreign Inspiration

Female Terrorist Pledged Allegiance toISIS Leader Just Before California Attack

ISIS praise San Bernardino attack by Muslim American and wife that left 14 dead


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10 comments on “‘WAS’ California Attack Act Of ‘ISIS Terrorism’? – America Ready For Terror?

  1. NBC showed news conference where FBI said “terrorism”. Also said that before the attack she’d put on FB that she was an ISIS supporter. Still no pix I’ve seen of her, even in hijab. Clear was well planned as they tried to clear hard drives, smash mobile phones, etc. Also said they communicated with “known persons of high interest to us” (or similar words). So YES, ISIS has been mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is a picture of her in my blog Dan. Actually open the blog, there is a huge picture of her mate.. And understand, my News says ‘ISIS’ Your news if it says ‘ISIS’ Then everyone gets scared…So it will be interesting to see how your media play this one. They REALLY don’t want to blame ISIS…ISIS Were blamed in France by ALL Main Stream Media before it ended…But here, it’s same story, different version of events.. I will get to the bottom of it mate. We are only trying to give Americans the REAL NEWS…But WE can only do it for so long before your lights go out… That is a sad fact buddy…All I ever tried to do was give you guys a heads up…Only for 3 years too…Well 15 if you go to http://www.AboveTopSecret.com and search “Shauny”….You will see it..


    • You suggest I sit at PC all day? The facts are I am never online during the day and the reason I am up at this time, nearly 5am on a cold Saturday morning, you should know… #LowBlowDan Fools Scottish peopel are not… Had I read you wrong here with your “Friends ;-)” I say sorry. But in my culture, that was what we call “A Sly Dig”.. https://shaunynews.com/living-with-m-e/


      • No Shauny, not referring to you at all. Mean like three immediate neighbors who have Fox News on their telly 24/7. Well, maybe not all night, but anytime I’m in their homes that’s what is on the big flat panel on the wall. FoxFuckingNews. When our news comes on, either national or “local” (as in 300 miles away from us out here in the middle of nowhere, and really meaning state news and Salt Lake news) I watch a few minutes of local and national/international. I watch the weather and sports. I never watch the “blah-de-blah” (as my wife calls them) “human interest features”. I almost always watch news from the DVR, so I can watch the 35 minute news in about 10 minutes.

        No offense intended to you or anyone else. If my neighbors (or one of my sisters) want to here the same bullshit and speculation all the time, their problem, not mine. But NOT in OUR house.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I read you wrong, sorry man. And I respect all you say. I NEVER watch Main Stream Media, but I do glance at it online when I am searching for the truth. Strange thing is, Sky News is the biggest news outlet on the planet, it own’s Fox News. Rupert Murdoch is the puppet master. For some odd reason Sky News tells us the truth. They even ran Thatcher knew about Sex Allegations against her Party Members and also the Royal Sex Scandal where it is MORE than ‘Alleged’ The Grand Old Duke Of York had under age sex. Jeffery Epstein is a big name over here, has an Island of lust near Florida. Sky News told it all and more.. Where as Fox News tell the opposite, and that would be fear and lies to control the gullible. I have gullible people in my family, all over Scotland, all over the World. The only constant we share is, we are Human’s. The definition of each Human is what the say, how they say it, why they say it. How we come across can be hard to understand (As in this debate here) due to Font. Font has no meaning. Every time I make a new Net Friend, we ALWAYS Skype. And if I hear “You were not the guy talking I expected to hear Shaun” I will kill a pigeon or some $h1t. We pre-judge, read wrong and act stupid, just like I did here. Being of sound mind and having a free mind from mediation now makes things so clear it’s almost untrue. I have been on Drugs via choice till I was 23 then age 26 through the Dr’s.. I have awoken to 2 amazing little girls, 2 sons, parents and a girl I first met, small skinny girl all the boys wanted to be with. Dawn. Without her, $H1T I would be long gone…Waking up to life is a good thing. But to get here we must walk through Hell, then deny it after promising to trade souls…
        I hope that made sense mate. Drug free and been awake 20 hours, so I think I am good to go here….
        Appreciate the meaning in your words…Truly I do..

        I even found a song for it


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