Blogging Addiction – Why every part of me can’t stop – Confusing

Strange but true

Strange but true

This troubles me a lot 😀 I say “No more” then days later I restart and each time things just always get bigger or more followers. I don’t know if it is because I am hopping around stories and issues and learning as I go to the stage I just don’t understand the need for me to tell news here. So I said for the 100th time “No more blogging” It is boring. Over the last few days I received over 1,000 notifications all over social media, more email’s than anything. People saying “Shaun you should not stop” One person said “You were the news I never got” while another said “You must do what is right for you”. Lets just say there were real reasons for me stopping blogging. I never blogged 100 times a day, I blogged and blogged and it was the same story, so repetitive I got bored from it. I am doing this to answer the many questions I can’t answer to everyone. I had no idea I was someone’s “Daily News” Their first port of call in their daily news reading. Kinda humbled I felt as I read these comments, I replied to as many as I could, so this is why I write this, for the people who think “That was ignorant” It was neither ignorant nor important stopping blogging. I must say blogging is the most addictive thing I have done. 100 times I have said “No more” only for days later to come back. So here I am, being urged buy people who I do respect telling me “Keep telling your truth” I guess when I closed ‘ShaunyNews’ down I had no idea people were actually reading. I said many times here that 1.4 Million views in 16/18 months was just crazy, I didn’t stop to think if I was actually helping people or just making people sit up and take notice of a story, whatever the story. Also I have said I want to do Radio. What stopped me from doing radio was Shaunynews. 1 Editor I do blog for and I spoke yesterday and he said “Lets do radio” This guy is big business and really doesn’t want to give up on the balls I have to tell the news I do. I have no idea what the future holds, but I do know telling the news and stories about our World in some form will happen. I just don’t know where or how yet. I am being pushed gently into that direction. I am off medication, so thinking clearly is what I am trying to do, but having M.E is a issue, it speaks for us, it works for us and dictates our next move. I am learning this.

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3 comments on “Blogging Addiction – Why every part of me can’t stop – Confusing

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  2. We ain’t really scared in the UK. Remember this is an Island.
    Not saying we can’t be vigilant, of course we are. But I think everyone knows where this is going.
    I been saying and warning people about it for 2 years. And here it is..
    Many ask “Shaun, how did you know”..And honest to God, the only answer I have is “An open mind to impossible stories”
    I hope Obama stops giving certain Countries $Billions$ and put it on your borders. Sadly he has exposed all borders.
    Remember the Orange zone? 100 Mile Orange Zone? Why did he set that up? I blogged for answers..
    Now I think it meant “If a suspected terror attack happens in this 100 mile coast/border inwards line, we can do as we please”
    I blogged to ask questions Anne…Americans are scared all off a sudden. Welcome to our reality where UK/USA Caused War.
    This is what Scotland wanted free from. Hillary for POTUS, I told you 2 years ago. Trump is a racist and Bernie will stop wars..

    Remember this too?

    I never meant to offend. All along I was asking HARD QUESTIONS…
    ….That are now being answered. x



  3. Yeah, I do know change. Where I live we have had to change our fear to other things.
    We don’t live in a War zone, but we had family there and it was on our doorstep caused by people 10,000 mile away.
    The blogging ends because the story is finished. I warned and warned for 2 years. I did my best Anne…

    Now I will have to ignore TV News when my blog finally gets deleted.
    It is there today because a few people want to extract my research for their story.
    It’s boring. Social Media is boring. Seeing hate every day is not nice.
    Always while it seemed 1 person was giving me a hard time, I had 100 hate emails and notifications.
    But for ever 1 hate there were 1,000 who cared. It was an amazing experience.

    I have 1 more story. 1 more thing then it’s done.
    Might take me a while, will be hard. Going against Human feelings and abilities almost.
    But as 1 story I told for 2 year starts…I got bored. It ain’t in my Country so I give in. Nobody wants to know.
    All Scottish and English (European) speaking forums/Facebook groups all are telling this story.
    This is still happening you know… x


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