Stopped Blogging – Still getting 500+ views a day – Research away!!

Months view of visits

Months view of visits

13,000 views for December and I think I done 5 blogs and I am still getting 500 views a day without blogging, I can only assume people are researching from my blog, I say go ahead, please! I was averaging 50,000 views a month and as things stand today I have had, Blog Stats – 1,420,657 Million hits in 18 Months or so. But I do miss research, the thrill of the story and going places otherwise I would not. Ironic as it is I have never left the British Isle’s in my life but I know the World’s story better than most, but again it’s just research and often it’s upsetting to me to tell a story be it the alleged Global Sex Scandal or Kids dying in illegal wars funded by alleged World leaders. But I am getting emails, tweets, Facebook messages every day asking me to keep the pressure on the truth. See wanting to blog and knowing it’s time to stop, there is a line and it’s invisible. All week I have had people share amazing comment to me. I will share a few. I have made more comeback’s than Muhammad Ali 😀 I have a very addictive personality, I am impulsive, I should learn to count to 10 first but as the drugs leave my body awakening is confusing, time is slowing down, days feel longer, moments seem longer. I have done this all my life. Things I loved doing got so boring I stopped. I think, lolswedencrimeI have stopped things and never went back to it, but I ask who loses sleep? I sleep well at night, things like this are just things that are almost stupid. All week I have said “Nope” And I always felt right. Then the messages came from all over Social Media. I did do a quick blog called Blogging Addiction – Why every part of me can’t stop – Confusing 4 days ago and it was because of all the comments. I was reminded many were happy I 90bb47958fed9fba546adaf6fc8993c6stopped 😀 But to be honest I don’t do 2 emotions, hate and fear. People close to me say “Shaun you must have fear” and I reply always with “But to have fear is to think and live in fear” and that is the way I see fear. Do I have conscious thoughts appearing about people in my life? Of course I do, we wouldn’t be human otherwise, but fear you must overcome. I will give 1 example, when my oldest Daughter who is 6 years old went away for the very first time on her own when she was 4 years old with her Nursery I did worry a little, but no fear. If we stay “Worried” about our kids we become ‘Fear’. I won’t even talk about hate because if you read me or know me  you know hate is something I just can’t do. Being hard to girls, being nasty to girls is something I am guessing I took from Childhood. I am 42 years old with two sons 24 and 21 years old and two Daughters 5 and 7 years old, I used to be able to shout at my Son’s to discipline them when they were younger, my two Daughters, I just can’t do it 😀 So it’s more “Honey, you know you can’t do that….blah, blah”.  My partner is to dream for, she doesn’t gossip nor hate, she talks to me always about things, she can read me like the proverbial book 😀 I know talking about my Disabilities annoy other people more than me even my partner, something I do fail to understand, but Fibromyalgia & M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) also with added Chronic Fatigue does make life difficult but like I always think “If you tell the truth you lose friends, but in telling the truth and being honest, you 100% always get the right friends” And for me this has rung true. So, there, I said it 😀 I have no idea what I want to do. I know I will be doing football 2016/2017, June 2016 basically, but telling news? The Editor on Ace News REALLY wants to do Audio rather than font with me. I have said “Radio” 1,000,000 times and I will say “We will see”..So, for now. I wish you all a good festive period when it arrives.


My Friend from the USA


Another amazing friend

A good friend I met through blogging, I got her blogging. SHE IS GOOD!

A good friend I met through blogging, I got her blogging. SHE IS GOOD!


1 of many emails

Some comments on my blog

Some comments on my blog

My mate makes a valid point

My mate makes a valid point


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