Jose Mourinho – “I Feel Like My Work Was Betrayed” – His Last Video

PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 17:  Jose Mourinho manager of Chelseagives a thumbs up prior to the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match between Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea at Parc des Princes on February 17, 2015 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Being involved in football at small and average levels gives you, or should give you an eye for what is there, seeing things before they happen, understanding body language is what the best managers in the World can do.  I said a while back ‘Jose lost this dressing room’ From League winners to 1 spot above the relegation zone it does not take a huge football brain to understand “Something is wrong” The players stopped working for him. Even if it’s denied you can see it clearly in every Chelsea game till Jose’s last 2-1 defeat from Leicester. I didn’t work at his level but I working with kids and adults. No matter if there are 10/100 or 10,000 watching as a manager you still deal with players the same as Jose does. The only difference is ‘PAY’ the rest is the same. On my travels I got a sneak look into a few HUGE Teams dressing rooms and I seen with my own eyes that my job was the same. When it’s you and players in 1 room it doesn’t matter if you are Chelsea or Westpark United. I love Jose, I love to hear him talk with passion about a game I could talk about all day long as I used to do with a few ex friends I gave coaching awards too even though they didn’t stick around long enough to deserve one. Trust is the ONLY thing in football that can make you fall so bad you never get up, once you lose trust you are gone. Chelsea needed to do this. Real Madrid won’t take him but if you research hard enough you will see Jose once said “I would love to manage Celtic FC” This has me thinking.

Jose Mourinho LAST Chelsea Match Interview “I Feel Like My Work Was Betrayed”
Via: ALXRecords on You Tube

It was alleged this players was 1 against Jose

It was alleged this players was 1 against Jose

Why it is Jose Mourinho’s destiny to one day manage Celtic

“I fell a bit in love with Celtic, because the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was magnificent, the way they behaved with the Porto fans.
Jose Mourinho (June 2003


“When I was at Porto my team also played in the
UEFA Cup final against a Scottish side – but it was Celtic. I’ve never seen such emotional people. It was unbelievable!”
Jose Mourinho (ex-Porto Manager) looking back on the UEFA cup final 2003 (May 2008)



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