Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

OBVIOUSLY - I am 110% against this message, are you?

OBVIOUSLY – I am 110% against this message, are you?

Please read past my reason’s for being here again, this isn’t about me or I would never have stopped, please, carry on reading. I got so destroyed by what I was seeing in all Social Media regarding Scotland I literally walked away in disgust and closed 11 accounts over Social Media. I spent Christmas with family, do what we all say we do and I seen reasons, I seen my kids faces, all happy, but in an instant I disliked myself for walking away from what is now a life goal same as dreams I have for my kids, my partner and I, real reasons, just to be part of A REAL FREE SCOTLAND and see my kids living with Scottish Driving Licences and Passports, REALLY FREE!. What we are offline is usually the complete opposite, I am no different, so I have to write and give all I have with Scottish people, be honest, share the UTTER TRUTH and make sure the truth is told, no matter the cost. Sadly this will take bravery I must trust to try free Scotland again for not just I, but everyone I love and everyone you the yes voter loves also, this is a team reason, not a team game. Lets look at just myself for a second and the abuse I got out of almost 1.5 Million views, (I DO NOT BRAG OR I WOULD NOT HAVE STOPPED, PLEASE!) john-dies-at-the-endI am impulsive so bad it’s untrue, but if I am to be defined by my minds mood via a disability or 2, yeah I played that card 😦 and coming away in mind from awful medicated addiction, does it mean I am a bad person? Right now I just can’t sleep but I am cool, relaxed, in pain but only doing this because I need to reconnect to what we were before the 2014 Referendum, I have no other reason to be on Social Media, so here I am, no Family involved, no friends I see day to day are involved in my Social Media, so now I can write freely without knowing I upset someone in my family. So here I am and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Hope 2016 is amazing for you! Great start with the BNP closing down, lets hope this trend carries us through the year. And please, keep reading

Happy New Year to all...

Happy New Year to all…

The Scottish ‘Yes Movement’ is more split that the entire USA is via Race reasons. Unless people wake up to the utter bull some are forcing on others, forget independence. The 4th bridge closed (I was happy, I live near it’s traffic jams) There was a huge pressure on the SNP for it’s closure. Apply that story 100 times over and we see clearly that within all movements there are people slowly trying to get people to turn away from the SNP. I watched from a distance as known Yes voters slated the SNP for the closure of what is really a very important bridge, and before Christmas, but it showed people are impulsive all the same, when their small world is affected they see reason to be opinionated. So I am challenging opinions here. I know there is a HUGE Unionist and liked presence within the Scottish Yes Movement, but people don’t know they are Unionist’s, so people are just being fooled, please take your mind back to 13th September 2014 and then bring it back here.

This was what the Yes voter WAS on 13th September 2014
Scotland, listen and be at one with our future! – I plead you watch

So how do I know there is a Unionist threat? Lets just say I went away and someone else appeared who pretended to hate and voted NO without writing 1 word. I don’t know how much of that made sense but there was no huge operation involving 100 people. I just wanted to see what THEY are doing. We spend so much time focused against the Unionist hate we actually keep it alive. I seen it over the last month or so, but I am back as true and proud yes voter, you will have to take my word for it. But in reality it’s there if you want to read it. I just stopped, read it and understood it to the point I want to destroy it from with-in, safely for me and my family of course. THINGS ARE THIS BAD if you look


If you feel like this, then you will understand what I pose here

Dangerous but exciting times. The emotion you choose, danger or exited, depends on what you actually believe. If you choose 100% truth then you are excited. I can’t tell people how to choose, all I can do is tell the absolute truth, the rest is up to you. One thing for certain is the Yes Movement has been taken over almost. Too many voices, too many reasons, too many arguments. We are in a bad place Scotland, doom and gloom as well as divide and conquer are at play. I ask you to be real when looking at comment’s aimed at this blog, note who comments because there is a chance they are commenting blindly on reading it’s title and viewing it’s image, be clever and you see who is not playing nice, so lets see who is playing a game and whom is living to free Scotland. Just look at responses and if I am correct, we have a problem.



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