♫ Why Can’t Men Show Love & Compassion To The World? – When Will This Taboo End? ♪

love song tape

519278Please do watch the video below, I just had some fun with a song and some images. I know the ‘Thing’ I am doing here isn’t very ‘Manly’ and other men, maybe woman also will mock me for doing this 😀 BUT I HONESTLY DON’T CARE 😀 I know some people will like it and share it. I am learning fast with all these emotions coming at me like a runaway train as life comes back to me that it’s not for everyone, and I respect that 100%. Not many men would do what I am doing here or/and what I have done before in-between trying to free Scotland from London oppression and giving Global knowledge freely to a species who are waking up to a corrupt World. Some will hate this, be annoyed by it, give me a hard time. All I can say is “Go Ahead” –  I am confused by reactions from a small amount of people about a small percentage of things I share or I write, even songs I share like I am doing here being chastised by a few idiots or whatever they are called, I just know I connect with LOVE these days, and I wish I had done this 10 years ago, like I say “No hate or fear” and I can only say I lack these emotions these days. Then I go and ruin it all when I say I will kill a man for doing wrong to my 3 girls here, but because that hasn’t and won’t happen, I would rather be posting these types of Blogs. For some reason people judge and Social Media is the place these days where people can hide their real feelings and emotions. I know FACT many are out there in the World looking to be touched by a poem, a word, a movie or a song, anything that can stir a good emotion to our minds. I will stop saying “Hate & Fear” one day 😀 But till then I need people who do read my patter to understand they have choice to be a friend or foe. I don’t have 1 enemy in this World and I can prove it by saying out loud “I hate nobody” but also I reject hate, when it comes, I smile and delete and move on and never think again about hate. This is an Adele song called ‘Hello’ but I gave it a MANLY twist and VOICE. You will see 🙂 I am your best friend or someone you would think after annoying “Was that really worth annoying Shaun” because really, I am sick of my pain, I am sick of some people, but I love many people, some I will never meet and I love them more than some family, we all have these feelings, I know this. Why can’t men show love and compassion? It is Taboo still for some strange reason and I don’t think I will ever get it. I am not unhappy. I am in a good mood this raining cold Monday morning. I don’t aim this song at anyone really, but if you feel the images and words in this video I made then don’t deny that feeling for yourself. I did for many years and I kick myself today. I am just happy, I express a lot and I guess I would love a soap box to the World. My Banner at the top is from Bob Marley. Will Smith said it in the movie ‘I am Legend’ <Click) If Bob Marley can show ‘Love and Compassion’ as a revered and loved man, loved by men and woman, then why can’t other guys be the same? bde9d0fbb0543ceb9744bf79e1fcb7ccThe EASY thing to do is go with societies made up rules and be the tough man, the HARD thing is being a so called tough guy with an image others want to define, showing emotions like this. Real friends get it, we laugh about it, some say “Brilliant” because they are friends. So I ask simply, who am I harming and why is this so TABOO? Be Mr Tough Guy, but can’t we show our Woman, wife, kids, Sisters or Mum’s love and compassion when they are not allowed? I say to hell with this Taboo, this tough guy is getting down with his feminine side for real 😀 And it’s actually good fun, more than you would know if you know my story of pain and bullcrap. Life is so easy, it’s so easy I can do this and not care. I am above nobody and below nobody, I am just a lad waking up to real things. Sure old Shaun is there if needed but again, I would rather do this, the HARD thing. If you are offended by ANY of this, that is your problem as I don’t think I could offend anyone ever again. But it’s Monday, cold and well, why not? #Enjoy Also this is a song cover from Leroy Sanchez on You Tube 


Bob Marley on love and music


A man’s voice for a woman’s song




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2 comments on “♫ Why Can’t Men Show Love & Compassion To The World? – When Will This Taboo End? ♪

  1. We are always taught as boys that showing emotion is not a masculine trait that is admired in men. It is a sign of weakness that makes us less of a man. In fact it takes a stronger man to show his feelings and be proud that he can do so. We as men worry too much about how we are perceived by others. I can fill with emotion at the silliest things and if it shows then OK. It does not make me a lesser person, it shows i care.

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    • Brilliantly said mate. I know from speaking to you we can laugh and we can show emotion we both seen and went through. I class you as more than I do some family. And again, I don’t care if that hurts anyone. I love family I want to and connect, like you, with people I choose…
      Great reply as always buddy

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