Hurt ♫ Images ♪ Music ♫ Johnny Cash ♫

images (1)Often in life we all get lost and try to define ourselves into something better, often when it’s impossible. This is all good here, it’s a song by Jonny Cash called ‘Hurt’ with my images. I tried to define both myself and the song’s meaning to me. Always people are different, some do 1 thing and another won’t like that thing, but we must learn as a species to accept another’s ways as we would like others to accept our ways. I am trying to define myself and change myself today, you might know my story, you might not but we all have one, I just choose to share. We all have a story, we all have choice to share this story or to keep it locked away, I must tell my story. Music is the only thing our species agree on in terms of what it does for us. In moments we can all fall but getting back up can be hard. So we look for ways to stand up, we seek reason to stand up, all of us, you and I including the World. I am a person trying to stand up but also stay up, I decide to give my thinking to this page. Before I wasn’t the Shaun I am today, I am now in middle ground, almost at a road with 2 paths and I have already chosen and I am walking my path. This is all this video is to me. I love the song, singer and it’s lyrics, they help me today in my moment. If I can help 1 person in our World out of 7 Billion then I am glad I did this video and shared it’s meaning with images I related the lyrics and meaning of the song with. I hope you enjoy this. I am having amazing fun taking a song and applying my visual thoughts to it. It really is amazing fun, and it helps me. Who do I harm doing what I do? Who are you to judge? Always no hate from me, just reality and reason I like. I will be doing more of these, I love doing them, it sure is better than watching paint dry

[VIDEO] ♫ Johnny Cash ♪ Hurt ♪ Music ♫ Images ♫ [VIDEO]

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