The Islamic Lie – Ex-British Jihadi in appeal not to join ISIS – WAKE UP!!

What exactly is the story?

What exactly is the story?

I have told the alleged story that the USA, UK and Israel along with a few others fund ISIS and every time I think I see blank faces not caring. The story we are told by Media on TV or Internet and papers IS A LIE. I BEG you watch this video. This guy was young and went to fight for ISIS or Al Qaeda now they have been renamed and re-branded. He is telling the exact same story as others and I are telling. This war on Terror started by ‘W’ Bush after the ever un-trusting story of 9/11 has changed our World in more ways than many believe, we are told to be FEAR, to be SCARED by our Media and many fall for it, probably the majority fall for it because it is still happening . The Roman Empire, the early Greeks and maybe the Ottoman Empire used ‘Problem Solution Reaction‘ as an means to an end. Over 50%+ of American’s believe the 9/11 commission’s findings are lies or something is just wrong, something doesn’t add up on the 9/11 story, I say this because that day changed our World in a BIG way. With any story start at 1 point and you see the bigger picture. If anyone can prove a plane hit the Pentagon I will give them £1,000 and I have said this for years now, my £1,000 is still safe in my bank and will remain there. The story is a lie, Muslims are killing Muslims and this guy, in this powerful film, Abu Muntasir tells the story of how he decided to travel for Jihad in Afghanistan, the traumatic reality of what faced him there and why he changed his mind and recognised the true interpretation of the Qur’an because his scripture was being misrepresented politically and religiously for a ’cause’ I ask simply, what is the ‘Cause?’ The rest is up to you in what you believe. Below I will leave tweets, blogs I did about how ISIS is funded by the West Allegedly and more. We have choice to remain trustful in our Political leaders or to think for ourselves. I ask you at least research what this man says and what I have been for 2 or so years. Do research EXACTLY what a Jihad is, then you will understand it does not mean ‘TO KILL’ Please research because this is going to effect EVERY corner of our World, THIS WILL ARRIVE AT YOUR DOOR!!

Ex-British Jihadi in appeal not to join IS
Via OpenYourEyes on You Tube

Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

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3 comments on “The Islamic Lie – Ex-British Jihadi in appeal not to join ISIS – WAKE UP!!

  1. The western world doesn’t choose to accept their duplicity and deceit on this, otherwise most Muslim world and or East know who and who are exactly behind IS and their reasons.


    • Totally. When Al Qaeda kinda vanished I was like “Well USA funded them to fight Russia in the 1979 Russia invasion of Afghanistan” And not I know ‘ISIS is Renamed and re-branded. It is VERY well funded. It is the World new boggy man, the new American fear for their news. We don’t really get it here in Scotland but my friends in the USA are blind to what I share because their ‘trusted’ TV News doesn’t tell them. Took me a while for the penny to drop in terms of “Ahh, they don’t get fed that news and Time Warner and other ISP big players block content. I have many examples of a shared truth American’s were (Rightfully) calling me a liar and saying “What is Sky News, and who are Reuters” also I had MANY American’s say “I am not watching Al Qaeda news” when I sent them to Aljazeera news.. when I offer them a DECENT news source, like Reuters, they are clueless, but it’s lack of ability to research and know search paths that are safe…
      Good comment mate.


    • I am not really following your train of thought here. Where I live, seriously, this isn’t a problem. Trump made American’s hate MORE…That is what my news and culture say and how they see it..
      Hope that made sense.. lol x


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