Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”


[EDIT 19:00 – 26/01/2016] Before researching more throughout the day and this story spreading across main stream media I had a hard time believing this to be true, I was thinking it was satire but I did good research and for whatever reason this seems a story as solid TV and Written press are now sharing it as, if it is not a story I will edit and say “Was probable” But I think there is enough solid MSM on this now, so I will share what I have to go on. I know people in Israel dislike what their Government and IDF do on the GAZA strip, but turn the coin around and we have proof that the hatred exists for sure in the way the people and their leaders happily have Palestine under almost genocide dictatorship by their controlling Jewish neighbours. USA Today and Washington Post are running the story, so it is a true story, and does nothing to make our species look any better. The USA are so behind Israel for many Reasons but defining it’s true nature is the sticking point. I will take you back to a video by John Kerry United States Secretary of State from December 9th 2014 when very strangely he asked the populous of the USA to follow or be closer to Islam. To this day nobody can explain his motives

John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations

John Kerry United States Secretary of State – USA & Islam



America stopped the investigation, others abstained. But the vote was WON BY YES!


Research is hard because we don’t know if people are truthful, but why a lie from CNN?



SO!! Not enough Jew Haters in the USA is Al Jazeera’s reason for pulling the plug on Al Jazeera USA. If this tells us one thing it tells us what many already knew, in the USA there are not enough Jew haters. Now isn’t that something? All the research I did actually is being supported here, I have said to American Israel supporters that they are a minority and here we have a money making Media cooperation leaving the USA due to low levels of ‘Jew Haters’. I say often “I do not belong to the Human Species” because there is hardly humanity to see. I say it with half a smile, but here is proof of me being totally lost on a story although I do actually understand it. As always I leave tweets from around the World and links to other sites running this alleged story

His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.

His father an aid worker killed by IDF. Israel making young hate. Circle of hate.


logoNEW YORK – Despite enjoying lavish funding from its Qatari owners, Al Jazeera America has announced that it will cease operations in April, blaming “stubbornly low rates of Jew hatred in the United States.”

Launched in 2013, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) promised to provide more serious reporting than other U.S. networks like CNN and Fox News. However, despite a massive budget from the Emir of Qatar that enabled it to recruit top journalists, AJAM struggled with persistently low ratings and was embroiled in multiple discrimination lawsuits amid accusations of anti-Semitism and sexism.

In a statement, CEO Al Anstey said: “The low rates of U.S. anti-Semitism make our business model unsustainable. While we did our best to boost Jew hatred with numerous unbalanced stories accusing Israel of causing all the Middle East’s wars, U.S. viewers just wouldn’t buy it. Instead, we will redirect AJAM’s budget to our global Al Jazeera English operation, with a special emphasis on Europe, where thriving rates of anti-Semitism make it an ideal market.”

Read rest of Story here:

~~End Story~~


I think – Palestinian man trying to protect his son from IDF

02 Palestine-Gaza-Al-Dalou1-1024x682

Not good to view but these images are real, we can’t deny the truth

16 Jul 2014, Gaza, Gaza Strip --- Palestinian relatives of the four boys killed in Israeli bombardment, all from the Bakr family, cry at the morgue of the hospital in Gaza City, on July 16, 2014. Four children were killed and several injured at a beach in Gaza City medics said, in Israeli shelling witnessed by AFP journalists. The strikes appeared to be the result of shelling by the Israeli navy against an area with small shacks used by fishermen. The deaths raised the overall toll in nine days of violence in Gaza to 213. (Photo by Hosam Salem/NurPhoto) --- Image by © Hosam Salem/NurPhoto/Corbis

All that is happening is a new generation of hate will evolve due to killing of family, kids are not kids here


USA Policy – Or so it seems

In this Wednesday, July, 16, 2014, Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor who has volunteered at Shifa on and off for 17 years, treats a Palestinian girls at the emergency room of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Working at Shifa requires ingenuity. The power goes off repeatedly as aging hospital generators buckle under daily rolling blackouts Gaza residents have lived with for years. “If we are in the middle of an operation (and) lights go out, what do the Palestinians do? They pick up their phones, and they use the light from the screen to illuminate the operation field,” said Gilbert. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor working inside Palestine was banned by Israel for telling a truth


They want peace! These kids are trying to find peace


The World wants Palestine recognized and many Countries now do recognise them

Dr Mads Gilbert Doctor in Gaza from Norway Exposes & Slams Israel America & UK!
[VIDEO] Via: Defending Muslims on You Tube


Al Jazeera America to close down

USA TODAY – Al Jazeera America to shut down

Washington Post: Jazeera America: Was the TV news network cursed from the start?

The guy below thinks ‘Satire’ But the links above say otherwise

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3 comments on “Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”

  1. Still don’t get the big deal over the Kerry video. The faiths are linked because they they originated from the same part of the world and have similar values, including taking care of the Earth – in other words, the environment, etc.

    I think its a good speech, and he is trying to find commonalities between Muslims and Christians.


    • At last someone speaks about it! lol.. 😀
      I think today with all the Islam hate via Trump and US News, looking back to that video is confusing many American’s who have faith in ‘whatever Religion. This I know, as they tell me..
      You may be right, it might be THAT SIMPLE..But I don’t see it as that simple..
      Good comment and a gold star..I have been sharing that video for a LONG TIME..Finally someone has a comment on it.



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