♫ A song to free Scotland ♪ Half the World away ♫

How much to we 'Try' ?

How much do we ‘try’?

Taught my stupid self how do mix Images with music, good fun it is. Here I took “Half the World away” by Noel Gallagher and inserted images regarding the Scottish Yes Movement as I see them myself. I don’t post for blog hits, I do this because I know Scotland can be free if we REALISE THE POWER WE HAVE. Sadly the power is being drained, people who could and should be helping Scotland together and dividing Scotland badly. BUT THERE IS HOPE! That hope is knowing the power and togetherness we have can be used to Free Scotland VERY QUICKLY. We need a leader (NOT POLITICAL) to turn the Yes movement around again. I am up for it but there are many better speakers than I. Sadly people who used to be good for the Scottish Yes Movement have either walked away altogether or have turned so hate filled through probably anger. WE MUST COME TOGETHER AS 1 SCOTLAND!! Our future is calling on us to do the right thing. Our great great grandchildren will view us one day, what will they say? What will we do with this power? Come on Scotland ! Wake up before we fall asleep so badly even a Prince who wants a kiss won’t be able to awaken us. I hope you get the real story in that statement. I enjoyed doing this song and I hope you like it. More so, I hope it wakes the lion up in all of us. Alba

Song and images for a free thinking Scotland


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