Richard Dawkins – God is Homophobic, Misogynistic, Racist, Genocidal, Megalomaniacal and Sadomasochistic


Richard Dawkins

download[Video Below] What are the chances God is actually the Devil? We were warned this could happen. I am on some strange journey these days to understand God and all around his/her/it’s name, sadly Religion will read hate here and not give it a debate out of lack of reason, logic and answers. Religion, Scripture and God and all things associated with what I see is mythical, I don’t hate I am only asking questions. Here Richard Dawkins lays it out and I must say, it is very hard to disagree with him on this thinking, once we apply logical thinking. He says God is the most unpleasant ‘Thing’ humanity has plucked from fiction, God is Unpleasant, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Racist, Genocidal, Megalomaniacal and Sadomasochistic is what Richard Dawkin’s said in his book and in the video below where there is a panel of Religious people. He is very outspoken about all bibles and all scripture. This is a UK show here, so not really a subject we debate over here a lot, but let us go through each word he said God was. Is God homophobic? Yes he is and I have heard it and read it and we look no further than the USA and Westboro Baptist Church. Misogynist is a person who hates or doesn’t trust women. Misogynist is from Greek ‘Misogynes, from the prefix miso- “hatred” plus gyne “a woman.” The English suffix -ist means “person who does something” So right there God is sexist? Is God racist? Well all I can say is yes, but we have to separate God from Religion or Religion from God here. God causes Racism therefore people are taking his name in vain and using God as a tool for hate. God or Religion 100% does cause genocidal actions in our World, you are blind if you don’t see it. ‘Misogynistic means a ‘Psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence and last ‘Sadomasochistic, Sadism and masochism, often interrelated (one person obtaining sadistic pleasure by inflicting pain or suffering on another person who thereby obtains masochistic pleasure), are collectively known as S&M or sadomasochism. This is how Dawkins explains a Religious God through scripture as far as I can tell. This is a decent video as it has people from a few faiths all debating, but as always there is hate and anger in this video, caused by Religious Scripture. Always I am here to learn and nobody in Religion will debate me because they have no answers to difficult questions, they are blinded by FAITH. I could time travel back 3,000 years and start a Religion to love “Sheep” for example, then time travel back to the present and I would be certain our World would look to sheep as a God, but other Animals would be loved and some would hate sheep. That was just another way of how Religion started in the first place. It is that pathetic. Not God, Religion and Scripture are all these words above. It is very hard to not see a Religious God as Unpleasant, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Racist, Genocidal, Megalomaniacal and Sadomasochistic

Richard Dawkins exploding at bullshit in the Bible
Via Truth Seeker on You Tube


This is Richard’s book on Amazon: The God Delusion



Richard Dawkins gone mad at bullshit in the Bible – Part 1
Via Get Max on You Tube


Richard Dawkins gone mad at bullshit in the Bible – Part 2
Via Get Max on You Tube


Richard Dawkins destroys arguments of crazy, potentially retarded religious fanatics
Via Sh3llShock87 on You Tube


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12 comments on “Richard Dawkins – God is Homophobic, Misogynistic, Racist, Genocidal, Megalomaniacal and Sadomasochistic

  1. Shaun, been silently reading you for a long while, and want to say I hope you don’t travel over to the dark side. Truly, it’s not God who is all these things, but extremist, fundamentalist’s who use God’s name to promote hate (ie, Westboro Baptist Church). Lots of Bible verses are easily taken out of historical context for any reason, and I agree we need to end religious bigotry and ignorance. Please don’t blame God – blame the people who have distorted God for their own sick agendas.

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    • Hi Susan and thanks for commenting. I maybe didn’t word it properly, I just re-read and I was trying to show how PEOPLE have made God these things. I believe in God, I pray every day. I have blogged or mentioned that many times. People have made God this. Nobody can deny all these big bad words are true, but the question is, is, why do people make God this? God is whoever we want him/her/it to be. For me it’s a personal relationship. Sadly when I speak to Religion from Europe (I am in Scotland) Middle East, Africa, Australia, USA, Canada, South America….Religion hates in the name of God…

      There is a group I have loved all my life, well my 42 years so far. They sing against oppression and for pacifist. Check the lyrics @ 1 Minute 5 Seconds when the lyrics is “For what you did in God’s name” I am going in that direction. I agree with all you say…. x

      Video: Close the advert for Lyrics x


      • Thanks for clarifying; yes, totally agree with you. For me, too, it’s a personal relationship.
        Don’t understand why people are cowards that way, having to say it’s God who is this or that when it’s really they who hate.
        Thanks for the youtube link. Will go there for a listen. 🙂

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      • Thanks for being decent and replying. The lyrics in that song are pretty much how I feel and think. Remember Scotland is 80% free from London oppression, Scotland lost the Referendum but my people want freedom still,Yes voters are working hard for what the No voters were promised. So this song fit not only my own Scottish story, but a story that fits with Religion, Scripture and all other things that divide people.


      • Yeah, well said. I don’t know anyone, family, friend, neighbours, ANYONE who wants Scotland to be tied to this Union of Austerity and hate..
        I did this stupid video a while back..Good song and I added my own imaged in with the song…Kinda with what you say in mind…

        Let me know what you think, I started doing a lot of these, good fun to image play with music.. lol


    • Also, for the issue of balance and fairness…
      This is Scotland’s story, almost hidden but it’s Political disguised as Religious…
      West of Scotland has it worse, it is kinda non visible here in Edinburgh on the East Coast…But if you want to learn Scotland and how my culture view Religion…Here it is..


      • I watched the documentary last night. I truly don’t understand the vitriol between the two, especially since Scotland is fighting for independence. One would think Ireland would walk hand in hand with Scottish brothers and sisters. But then, I would have thought Israelis would have done the same thing with Palestinian brothers and sisters, yeah?

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      • In Scotland we have Scottish people and British people. There are no deaths or anything bad like Israel/Palestine…If you or anyone was to visit Scotland nobody would know or see this story. It hides into 2 football teams. One having Millions of supporters on West Coast USA… It is Football. Football is our Church over here…IT IS EVERYTHING in Europe….91% of the World play or Watch Football (Soccer) and we won’t all be watching the 50th American Football final tonight…Not really big here… Football, Golf, Snooker, Rugby are our sports. Rugby is USA Football with no pads…But I don’t like it much..Most a Southern Scottish Sport..

        You might want to turn your speakers up. This is Celtic Vs Rangers. Celtic has Irish Roots…Rangers steal London roots… This is what we do..

        Nothing better than celebrating with 60,000 others in Paradise…Celtic Park, it’s what we call it..

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